A multi-convention approach to support Protected Areas work in Armenia

On June 15, 2011 key national experts from the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia, other governmental and scientific institutions and civil society finalized the TEMATEA consultation and capacity building process on protected areas. The main recommendations are summarized in a discussion document.


The expert meeting in Yerevan was the final event of the Armenian TEMATEA process initiated by the IUCN Caucasus Cooperation Centre (with funding from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). TEMATEA is a web-based tool, jointly developed by UNEP and IUCN, which supports the coherent implementation of protected area related provisions from various international conventions (e.g. Convention on Biological Diversity, Ramsar Convention).
Starting from the TEMATEA issue-based module on protected areas, an inventory of the current implementation status of protected areas related provisions from Multilateral Environmental Agreements was produced. Prior to the final workshops a draft set of specific actions for improved implementation derived from the inventory was discussed among national experts.
The process fosters the communication among Convention Focal Points and other stakeholders including from outside the protected areas field. The workshop participants said that results from TEMATEA process in Armenia are very useful for improved coordination at national level and will be used for ongoing and upcoming policy and planning processes to strengthen Armenia’s protected area system.

Southern Caucasus
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