Natural Connections Conference March 2013

The theme for 2013 is ‘the bigger picture’. It is about achieving more for wildlife and people across landscapes by thinking big. That’s bigger scale, broader involvement, and bigger picture ideas and approaches.

Our 2013 conference features presentations on future thinking, human nature and stories to inspire you. Presentations relevant to participation and engagement that may be of interest to CEC and IUCN members feature national and international speakers.

Speakers this year feature Dr Mark Reed, Birmingham City University, on Science, Art and Music – new insights into the natural world. Dr Reed’s work is helping communities to get actively involved in adapting to environmental change, encouraging industry and government to consider the value of nature in the decisions they take.

Diana Pound, Director of dialogue matters ltd which she set up in 2000 to design and facilitate stakeholder dialogue about the natural environment and to provide training. Diana is an advocate for integrated and equitable management of the natural environment through well designed and well run stakeholder negotiation processes. She works in a wide variety of situations and at local, national and international levels. Her presentation is about Working your Assets!!

A key note speaker at the Natural Connections Conference on 6th March 2013 is the Director of Planning, Heritage and Sustainable Funding for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Between 1998-2003 Jon C.Day was responsible for commencing and coordinating the Representative Areas Program (RAP), the major planning/rezoning program undertaken for the entire Marine Park. RAP has received numerous national and international awards and is widely regarded as ‘world’s best practice’. Today, a number of management strategies are in place to protect the marine park and World Heritage Area. The planning process that led to the new Zoning Plan was a complex and expensive one, with considerable political, social, and economic challenges. But ultimately the planning process and the subsequent results have set international benchmarks in marine planning and conservation. Jon’s presentation will outline the planning process, the challenges and some of the key lessons learnt.

Other presentation subjects are ‘Motivating change – psychological insights’, ‘Planning for a Healthy Environment’ ‘The places we need – wellbeing and belonging’ and ‘Climate Ready – Big Picture Adaption for the Climate Change Challenge’.

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