New Handbook of European Freshwater Fish

A new book 'Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes' by Maurice Kottelat and Jörg Freyhof has been compiled with the strong support of the Freshwater Biodiversity Unit of the Species Programme.

Handbook of European freshwater fishes

The Handbook of European Freshwater Fish is a must-have guide including, for the first time, a comprehensive assessment of the global IUCN Red List status of all 546 native species, additional information on 33 introduced species, more than 900 illustrations, colour photographs of most species and 546 species distribution maps. It is the first publication to have been funded through the SSC Freshwater Fish Specialist Group (FFSG) and it provides an essential baseline data set for conservation planning for Europe's freshwater fish fauna. This valuable work would not have been possible without financial support from the North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo), the current host institution for the FFSG.

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