New Members’ System for IUCN Resolutions & Recommendations

A new automated system will be launched mid-November for Members to share news on how they are implementing IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations adopted in Barcelona last year.


At the last World Conservation Congress, Members passed a Resolution requesting the secretariat to design and make available an “online automated system for members to submit contributions on their activities in relation to implementing the resolutions and recommendations adopted by each World Conservation Congress”. (Resolution 4.011)

The secretariat has worked on the design of the system ensuring that Members will be able to input information on the type of activities that are undertaken and how they are contributing to the implementation of specific Resolutions and Recommendations. Information on the work carried out by the IUCN secretariat will also be included in the system.

This information will be accessible to everyone interested in knowing more about what Members of IUCN, as well as its secretariat, do for conservation. All Members of IUCN will be able to insert information which will be accessible by other Members, secretariat staff, members of Commissions and Council.

The log-in information required to enter the system along with the relevant editing rights will be sent to Members who register. (Keep an eye on Membership correspondence for information on how to register.). The system is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and includes instructions on how to navigate, insert information and extract interesting reports.

This is the first time that the Union has launched a tool for IUCN Members and the secretariat to demonstrate how they are implementing adopted Resolutions and Recommendations. We are very much looking forward to learning, through this tool, more about Members’ activities taking place around the world.

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Global Policy
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