New video: Rivers Uniting Borders

The video 'Rivers Uniting Borders' (or 'Ríos que Unen Fronteras' in Spanish) summarizes the work and main achievements of the IUCN BRIDGE- 'Building River Dialogue and Governance' project in Mesoamerica.


BRIDGE Photos on Flickr – ORMA

The project aims to build water cooperation and good governance through learning, demonstration, leadership, and consensus-building in transboundary river basins.

The video shows how hydro-diplomacy can happen at different levels; from the local level, with champion networks, to the ministerial, in water legislation processes and many others.

The images, peoples and stories in this video highlight the importance of solving water challenges through joint efforts and cooperation—a timely contribution in celebration of the 2013 UN designated International Year of Water Cooperation.


Work area: 
North America
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