Post Law and Governance Journey news!

It is already two months since the L&G Journey took place during the WCC Forum in Barcelona.
The Journey went well and its events were extremely well attended. Highlights included the six workshops organized by Specialist Groups of CEL, and by the ELC. A small group of CEL volunteers helped the Journey Guide to keep track of as many events as possible – quite a task considering their sheer numbers.

World Conservation Congress. Barcelona 2008

After the Forum, all events organizers were asked to file a brief report and outline the main outputs of their meeting. Most of the L&G Journey organizers have done so, and the ELC is pleased to post this material below. Note that presentations and reports from all the Congress Forum events are available through the interactive Forum Resource Centre.

The next step includes considering these reports, especially their outputs and recommendations – to determine how to follow up.

181 A Golden Green Chance for Nature: Landscape auctions as a tool to sustainably finance nature conservation

216 Fisheries Governance and Policy: Achieving Sustainable Fisheries through Good Governance in the Developing Country Context

218 Options for advancing high seas governance

381 Antarctic Conservation Values, Challenges and Solutions – is the Antarctic Treaty System delivering?

406 Fishing for Sustainability: Maintaining Momentum for Fisheries Subsidies Reform

421 Tebanke Urok, or the story of the creation of a community marine protected area in the Bijagos Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau

449 Exploring issues and opportunities for rights based approaches to conservation - Part I

567 Developing Effective Legal And Institutional Frameworks for protected areas Part 1: overarching principles and mechanisms

571 Community Forest Tenure, Governance and Benefits: The missing links to climate change mitigation and adaptation

579 The precautionary principle in administrative and legal decisions (English / Spanish)

589 Illegal Logging, Timber Trade, and Climate Change: Making Connections and Identifying Solutions

614 Life as Commerce? Market-based conservation mechanisms, community governance and Indigenous Peoples´rights

617 Effective Forest Policies: Implementing the CBD

627 Environmental Security and Measures for Liability and Compensations

902 International governance for conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture

982 The role of Customary Law in Conservation and Protected Areas

1121 Do we need a legal framework for water and lake management at global scale?

1123 Discover how to become a multilateral negotiator

1132 Impacts of Trade and Cimate Change: Bringing Together the Stakeholders

1157 Points of entry: Reforming environmental governance and improving livelihoods through increased public access to decision-making

1191 Land Tenure, Resource Rights and Conservation: Collaborative Experiences and Lessons for Future Practice

1211 Return of indigenous territories in protected areas: justice and interculturality in a plural world

1234 Approaches to Environmental Law to Manage the Soil Ecosystem and Biodiversity Security

1235 Armed Conflict and Environment: Protecting the Environment During War and Improving Post-Conflict Natural Resource Management

1236 Biofuels - Potential, Challenges and Solutions

1238 Ocean Governance in the 21st Century: Gauging the Law and Policy Tides

1239 Keeping Nature Alive - the ethical foundations of nature conservation in the 21st Century

1240 Developing Effective Legal And Institutional Frameworks for protected areas part 2: the CBDPOW on Protected Areas and innovative governance in the field

1503 Safeguarding the high seas - a roadmap to protection for Earth's final frontier

1504 Toward a better Governance of the Mediterranean Sea

1510 Overcoming hurdles to sustainable industrial fisheries production

1517 Independent Scientific Panels: towards informed decision making

1519 Arctic Biodiversity Conservation: As the Ice Melts

1524 The role of regional integration in managing trans-boundary biodiversity resources in Africa

1532 Conservation with Justice: A Rights-based Approach

1540 What does it take to make REDD a viable proposition? The case for investing in forest governance! Part I: An inventory of issues

1545 Innovative tools for mainstreaming climate change adaptation in development interventions and policies

1547 Climate change vulnerability, rights and justice

1551 What does it take to make REDD a viable proposition? The case for investing in forest governance! Part II: Current experiences with ‘the nuts and bolts

1552 Can we reach an equitable post-2012 agreement on climate change? Giving a voice to developing countries


Work area: 
Environmental Law

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