Private Sector Knowledge Network Brainstorm meeting

Final Report on the Private Sector Knowledge Network Brainstorm meeting

Private Sector

Over the past few years, IUCN has been reflecting on how it might associate the private sector with the delivery of IUCN mission in amore institutionalized way.In March 2008, on the recommendation of the Governance Task Force, IUCN Council endorsed the development and implementation of a Private Sector Knowledge Network.

The primary purpose of establishing the network is to extend the IUCN platform to individuals from the private sector and to those from other parts of the society interested to engage with private sector in achieving nature conservation.This will entail developing and implementing a programme of work that is of interest to the private sector and in accord with the IUCN global programme and priorities.

The first brainstorm meeting to discuss the Private Sector Knowledge Network took place 18th of July, 2008. The objectives of the meeting were to generate ideas and to shape this initiative. The meeting was not to make decisions. Attached you will  find a summary report of the meeting.

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