Programme Advisory Group Meeting and project site visit at District Pishin, IUCN restoring “Karez” system in Balochistan

IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature under its Balochistan Partnership for Sustainable Development (BPSD) programme conducted one day meeting and site visit for Programme Advisory Group (PAG) members at Pishin on 20th December 2011. The overall objective of the meeting of PAG was to review activities of 2011 and suggest improvements for next year planning.

Briefing at Rehamatullah Karez

Advisory Group is one of the highest level bodies for IUCN Balochistan Programme which was constituted in the year 2003. The Advisory Group has been helping IUCN’s programme by giving strategic advice and synergetic impetus for future collaborations. It comprises of individuals of valuable expertise in the selected areas in their individual capacities; and meets at least once a year.

The day Trip for PAG member conducted to review the on- going work of restoration of old karez system in Pishin District. The members of Programme Advisory Group (PAG) along with journalists visited two places including Rehmatullah Karez, Sar Khanzai and Qila Iskan Khan Pishin. On this occasion Manger BPSD IUCN Zabardast Khan Bangash, while briefing the visitors, said that prolonged drought had dried up the centuries old karez system in Balochistan which forced people to migrate from their native areas. The participants visited Rehmatullah karez and observed ongoing construction work. The said karez after completion of its development work would benefit people of Sar Khanzai village.

During the visit of Qila Iskan Khan Program Manager Mr.Zabardast Khan Bangash said that Qila Iskan khan karez was irrigating about 1400 acres of land. He recalled that seven years long drought (1996-2003) dried up this karez and people of Qila Iskan khan migrated to Pishin and Quetta Districts as they had no water neither for drinking purpose not for irrigation. He informed the members that IUCN restored the old karez using PVC pipes which was a new idea. He shared that with the investment of only 2.3 million rupees the community of Qila iskan khan accrued benefits of more than 14.2 million rupees in a single year.  The participants  visited the nursery and geo-membrane reservoir and appreciated the work.

After that Mr. Zabardast Khan Bangash gave a brief presentation on BPSD activities carried out during the year 2011 at Deputy Commissioner’s rest house Pishin. The PAG members shared their valuable feedback and also made suggestion for further improvement.

Meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Mr.Zabardast Khan Bangash. 

For more information or to set up interviews, please contact:

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