Project Update July 2010: Improving Governance of Natural Resources for Poverty Reduction

IUCN has strengthened local institutions and fostered positive, meaningful linkages between communities and governments for improved natural resources governance in several countries.

2009-2010 accomplishments of its Improving Governance of Natural Resources for Poverty Reduction Project include:

Women participants mapping the natural resources in their local area

Kenya: In drylands regions, pastoralist traditional institutions have been re valued and strengthened, improving governance. Government agencies are now part of a dramatic shift from an exclusionary to a more inclusionary co management approach to natural resource management.
• In 2009, eight of the largest international environmental organizations, formally established a unique initiative called the Conservation Initiative on Human Rights. With our support, this initiative has enormous potential to scale up and significantly increase our expected governance impacts.
Sri Lanka: Governance issues are being mainstreamed at community, regional and national levels through awareness raising and capacity building for implementation of good governance. Efforts have been made to strengthen the voices and participation of women.
Bangladesh: Fishery management committees were revitalized and this has strengthened collective action, led to more equitable economic conditions for fishermen, improved relationships between fishermen and government agents.
• Multi-stakeholder platforms were set up in several countries to enable constructive dialogue on governance and create linkages between institutions.
• An innovative method for the design of cultural indicators which has been applied in peasant and indigenous communities in Bolivia and Peru.

With financial support by UKaid from the DFID-GTF, IUCN will continue to empower communities, improve natural resource governance, help secure more equitable livelihoods, ensure respect for and recognition of rights and make links between biodiversity conservation and human-well being more evident.

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