Promoting Sustainable Fisheries in MPAs: Planning Skills Built for Stakeholders

A training course on sustainable fisheries planning to support Marine Protected Area (MPA) stakeholders was co-sponsored by IUCN Viet Nam in mid-April 2008 in Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, where Con Chim Mangrove Reserve and many local fishing communities are located.

A group activity during the training course

The intensive 8 day training course focused on six areas of fisheries overview; impacts from fisheries; an economic analysis of fisheries; tools for sustainable fisheries; sustainable fisheries and ecosystems; marine reserves and zoning; and fisheries co-management. A training kit with a 600 page training manual, case studies, and power point presentations was a valuable resources used throughout the training course. 

The training manual was designed as a resource for trainees when they work in the field, and will serve as valuable reference material. 

The evaluation exercise conducted at the end of the training indicated that all participants felt that their expectations for the course had been met in terms of increased knowledge of sustainable fisheries practices, training methodology as well as networking opportunities. About 80% of the trainees found that the course was at an appropriate level for them and 60% wanted to receive more information about MPAs and fisheries. All participants stated that they would recommend the course to colleagues and community members.

The sustainable fisheries planning to support MPA stakeholders was jointly organized by the Viet Nam Institute on Fisheries Economic and Planning (VIFEP), the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Livelihoods in and around MPA Project which is funded by the Danish International Development Agency and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It was an activity under the capacity-building component of the MPA network in Viet Nam. Thirty four participants from MPAs, government agencies, and local fishing communities in Viet Nam together with three trainees from Cambodia participated in the training.

A Viet Nam MPA network meeting was held during the training for members to provide updates and share concerns relating to MPAs in Viet Nam. The Viet Nam MPA Network was established in June 2006.  It has 97 members and represents an important step toward improving MPA management in Viet Nam. A range of training courses have been conducted for MPA Network members under the capacity building program. The next training course is scheduled for October 2008 and will tentatively address the issues of MPAs and climate change. 

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