The Ramsar Convention kicks off a global celebration of 40 years conserving wetlands

The IUCN Water Programme is pleased to support the kick-off of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Ramsar 40 Years logo

Over the past 40 years the Ramsar Convention has advanced the conservation and wise use of wetlands through local and international cooperation to sustain the diverse socio‐economic benefits wetlands provide throughout the world.These benefits – such as the provision of freshwater, food, fuelwood, storm protection, water purification and regulation – are indispensable to human well‐being.

The launch of the 40th anniversary logo presents a worldwide invitation to governments, NGOs and civil society, to begin planning their contribution to next year’s festivities in celebration of 40 years of wetland action. The Convention’s member countries are committed to develop and implement wetland action plans at the local, national and regional levels, and to encourage accession of nonmember states.

The launch of Ramsar's anniversary logo took place in Oman, at a workshop for the Arabian Peninsula with representatives from Bahrain, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and, two non‐Contracting Parties, Kuwait and Oman, as well as regional governmental organizations and NGOs, including BirdLife International and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. To encourage anniversary celebrations, the Ramsar Convention’s web site now includes a special section dedicated to the 40th anniversary. There will be a commemorative book, a photo competition to celebrate Ramsar Sites, special events in Geneva on 2 February 2011, as well as news of events already at the planning stage in a number of countries.

Looking towards the future, Ramsar’s Deputy Secretary General, Nick Davidson, notes that, despite the many achievements by countries in safeguarding wetlands over the past 40 years, sustaining water and wetlands remains challenging, as the world’s demands on our natural environment continues to increase. “Ramsar’s 40th anniversary next year provides us all with the opportunity to redouble our efforts to achieve a more secure future through maintaining the benefits wetlands provide to people’s health and livelihoods”, he added.

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