Reflecting on Climate Change in the Region

 During a regional reflection workshop in Morocco, the SEARCH team reflects on climate change resilience in the region.

Reflection workshop in Morocco

 The regional reflection workshop which is currently being conducted in Marrakesh, Morocco, the SEARCH team meets to reflect upon the climate change resilience approaches being implemented in the region.

The Social, Ecological and Agricultural Resilience in the Face of Climate Change Project (SEARCH) is a three year regional project working in five countries. SEARCH will develop and pilot a resilience framework for adaptation to climate change. Implementation will be piloted in demonstration sites to enable joint learning with stakeholders, through local action planning and testing of interventions designed to increase climate change resilience.

During the inception phase of the project, SEARCH Partners worked collaboratively to refine and further develop the project approach and methodologies for working practically with the resilience framework. The time invested in consolidating the SEARCH Partnership helped strengthen the shared understanding among Partners, of how the resilience framework relates to social development and ecosystem conservation to climate change adaptation. This enabled the roles and tasks of each Partner to be defined to ensure tailored realities on the ground and aligned overall project strategy and goals.

In the course of the first and second years, further efforts have been undertaken to strengthen the methodology that is being tested on the ground and later edited and amended according to reflected results.

For that reason, SEARCH has brought all partners together in one area. Together they will assess the current project situation, identify constraints and conflicts, prioritize the critical ones, explore and validate different scenarios to better reflect on the set climate change resilience framework.

for more information please take a look at the SEARCH website.

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