Reporting on the Forum 'Climate, Energy & National Security'

The report of a CEC-sponsored forum on ‘Climate, Energy and National Security’ is now online. Nancy Colleton, CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Information, was an organizer.

9 June 2010, Washington, DC

A summary of the Forum on Earth Observations IV - Climate, Energy, and National Security: Meeting the Environmental Information Challenge is available at the event website. It has been widely disseminated to leaders in the US Government as well as to industry, academia, NGOs and government agencies.

Preparations are underway for the next Forum (V), which will look at a comprehensive national strategy for environmental intelligence.

Forum on Earth Observations V
June 14, 2011
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill


The Forum on Earth Observations series is a unique platform that brings together a diverse group of senior-level government, industry, academic, and non-governmental organization stakeholders to elevate the critical issues related to improving the capture and delivery of Earth and environmental information; it provides the opportunity to assess the state of U.S. and non-U.S. environmental information capabilities and trends.

It is well documented that climate change can greatly impact a nation’s economic prosperity and national security. If left unchecked, the global impacts of climate change could lead to economic stress; conflicts over food, water and other natural resources; and mass migration—all of which can result in destabilization.

In the face of increasing environmental challenges, the need for information about our changing planet has never been greater, especially information that informs national and global policies.

The fourth in the series, the 2010 Forum focused on the nexus of climate, energy and national security by bringing together those that develop the tools to monitor the planet with those that need and use the information to manage it. With day 51 of the Deepwater Horizon disaster as backdrop, underscoring the fragility of our environment and the ripple effects of our decisions, the Forum highlighted the need for sustained, robust, accurate and openly available environmental data.

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