Safeguarding livelihoods in a changing climate: progress in Mozambique

Adaptation to changing weather patterns, some of which may be attributable to climate change, is highly important for people's livelihoods and to help them become more resilient to environmental hazards. Through its Climate Change and Development Project (CCDP), IUCN is working with local and national stakeholders to develop adaptation measures which will sustainably safeguard local livelihoods and habitats into the future.

Roberto Zolho, IUCN CCDP Country Coordinator in Mozambique

CCDP has successfully completed pilot studies in three African countries that give new insight into how local livelihoods are being affected by changes in the climate and what measures they can take to make those livelihoods less vulnerable.

One of those pilots is taking place in Mozambique. Wild Talk spoke to the IUCN CCDP Country Coordinator in Mozambique, Roberto Zolho, to learn more.


East and Southern Africa
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