Starting preparations for the next Regional Conservation Forum in 2010

After the IUCN 2nd Second West Asia Regional Committee Meeting that was held in Amman on March 30-31, 2009, the committee members called for starting with the preparations for the next IUCN 7th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) which is proposed to be held in November 2010.

IUCN 6th Regional Conservation Forum in Tehran 2007

The committee proposed a number of countries to be approached for hosting the event including Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestine, Yemen and Lebanon. IUCN ROWA has subsequently sent hosting request letters to the proposed countries in addition to the other remaining West Asia countries.

Two sub-committees were formed during the Regional Committee for West Asia (RCWA) meeting to follow up on the organization and logistical support of the RCF on one hand, and on the technical issues of the forum on the other. It is expected to select the venue within the coming two months to start with the logistical and technical preparations.

The previous IUCN 6th Regional Conservation Forum was held in Tehran, Iran for the West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa regions in May 2007 and was graciously hosted by the Department of Environment in Iran.

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