Training - Good Practice Stakeholder Participation… with a focus on the environment

This 3-day training course, run by CEC member Diana Pound, helps participants develop good practice skills in stakeholder participation with a focus on the better management of the natural environment.

The management of sustainable environments and ecosystems requires complex and integrated thinking. This can only be achieved through genuine dialogue between responsible organisations, stakeholders, relevant experts and other interested people.  

This course is based on stakeholder dialogue, a good practice approach to participation, and it will help participants:

  • Explore the benefits and challenges of involving stakeholder in decisions about the environment
  • Understand the principles and concepts of stakeholder participation
  • Understand the different levels of participation and when each is best
  • Learn practical facilitation skills, techniques, and how to design a participation process.

Lead trainer:  Diana Pound BSc MSc MIEEM CEnv, set up dialogue matters in 2000 to design and facilitate stakeholder participation in environmental and ecological management and provide training. 

Courses dates: Arrive evening of 28th June, training 29th June – 1st July 2010

For more info: e-mail: and request a leaflet or download it from  Also see our website for other training opportunities

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