Union Pulse: Next stop Jeju

The eleven Regional Conservation Fora have now concluded following an intensive round of events that started in May, with the Kuwait Fora for Members in West Asia, and ended in October with events in Santo Domingo and Rabat for Members in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and North Africa respectively.


Members came together to discuss regional priorities and programmes, to debate global governance, prepare for the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress and input into the draft IUCN Programme for 2013-2016.

National and Regional Committees, Commissions, partners and Secretariat also took an active role in the Fora, which varied greatly from region to region with regards to size and format. A wealth of information has been shared on the IUCN website to convey the unique flavour of each event, including news, interviews, documentation and reports and videos. The Secretariat is now working to analyse the outcomes of the Fora from the range of reports produced, evaluations undertaken and feedback gathered, and to work with National and Regional Committees and Councillors to capture feedback to assist with upcoming preparations for the Congress as well as with the planning of future Regional Conservation Fora.

Feedback on the IUCN draft Programme 2013-2016 was collected at each Forum and input was also received directly from Members and Commission members. A new iteration of the draft Programme will be presented to the next meeting of Council in November. The final draft will be submitted to IUCN Members for adoption at the World Conservation Congress in September 2012.

Governance reforms were also discussed and debated at the Fora and the outcomes communicated to Council for further discussion at their upcoming meeting. Sessions were run on “Exercising Members’ Rights at Congress” and on the “Motions process”, and it is hoped that these will have helped to better equip Members to actively participate in the governance of the Union.

Members are strongly encouraged to contribute to the ongoing process to nominate individuals for the Council positions to be elected at the 2012 Congress and to stay up to date with Congress development on the Congress website. The global presentations made at the Fora on Governance, Motions, Members’ Rights at Congress, Congress in general and the draft Programme, are all available from the Members’ portal.

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