United Arab Emirates; the Move towards Conserving Nature

 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have taken encouraging steps towards the protection and conservation of biodiversity

Ministry of Environment

In early January, the Ministry of Environment and Water released the Report entitled “Wildlife and Marine Conservation Efforts in United Arab Emirates” which focuses on their achievements and concerns about Biome protection, habitat and marine protection, and combating climate change. This report could also be linked to “The Forth Biodiversity National Report for United Arab Emirates” available in Arabic, that provide insights into the rich biodiversity of UAE, the prevailing threats, and the national plans and policies to address challenges, and finally lessons learnt and achievements for reaching their 2010 goal and strategy. During the steady and progressive work in the past 5 years, UAE has also amended the Federal Law no. 24 for 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment in efforts to finally touch upon the gaps of environmental protection and conservation in UAE.

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