Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development

A daylong workshop on Education for Sustainable Development was organized by IUCN under its Balochistan Programme for Sustainable Development at the Elementary Girl’s College, Quetta on 21st November 2012.

Workshop Participants

It was attended by 120 participants including the students enrolled in the Bachelors of Education programmes, and Associate Diploma in Education, Senior Diploma Mistress from all parts of Balochistan along with faculty members of elementary colleges.
Welcome remarks were delivered by Mr.Irfan Ali Bakhtiari, who introduced IUCN’s work on “water issues and potential solutions in Balochistan” for the participants. He stressed on the need to conserve ground water and highlighted the threats to agricultural productivity, which in turn severely affects our food security. “Water scarcity in our region is falling by the year and if the current reserves dry up, we will have water for only 30 days. By 2025, we wont have any water left for consumption”, he added.
Mr. Bakhtari also informed the participants about the global water situation, and shared valuable information with them. He concluded his presentation by giving following solutions for tackling this global issue of water.

  • GOAL 1: Promote water as a key part of sustainable national development.
  • GOAL 2: Address critical development challenges.
  • GOAL 3: Reinforce knowledge sharing and communications.
  • GOAL 4: Build a more effective participation.

Mr. Zahoor Bazai, Director Trainings, University of Balochistan started his presentation with a Q & A approach. He talked about how we often perceive academic training into seeking monetary benefits by getting a job as opposed to seeking knowledge for sustainable development. He complained that we as nation have not played our role in environmental conservation, instead have often blamed the government and the non-governmental organizations. He added that it’s the man who has destroyed the earth to fulfill their needs but it’s the same man can fix these problems as well.
Chief Guest Mr. Nasir Shah, Deputy Secretary, Secondary Education, appreciated IUCN’s ESD programmes and requested IUCN to hold such trainings at the Boy’s Elementary Colleges as well. He thanked the administration of the Elementary Girls College, which had jointly organized the workshop with the technical and financial support of IUCN. He hoped that valuable information shared, will help the students as well as the teachers in enhancing their knowledge and understanding about water conservation.

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