Barcelona zoo celebrates its 120th anniversary - Happy birthday!

This year Barcelona Zoo celebrates its 120th anniversary. The Zoo first opened its doors to the public in September of 1892. A number of generations have passed through this site and have experienced very thrilling moments, unforgettable sequences that are repeated over the years.


Barcelona Zoo is planning a full and varied programme of events for young and old people, and families to celebrate this milestone and share with them the memories of its long history.

Zoos were initially conceived solely as showcases for exotic fauna. Modern zoos are very far removed from this now-forgotten concept. Their mission now is geared towards the conservation of nature everywhere and the fight against the loss of habitats as well as becoming reservoirs of biodiversity. They have also become a space for family leisure and are, consequently, an important tool in the strategy for raising awareness and the conservation of the most endangered fauna.

As a result, Barcelona Zoo today is an educating, awareness-raising, pioneering and benchmark zoo in the Mediterranean that is firmly committed to combating the global threats to biodiversity and to promoting sustainability. It is home to 2000 individuals from over 315 species in 13.5 hectares.

Barcelona Zoo is Member of IUCN since 1988. Happy birthday!!!

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