Timor-Leste: Protected Areas workshop on the draft decree law

Representatives from Ministries and civil society met on 19 March 2013 in Timor-Leste, Dili to bring together ideas and inputs for finalizing the draft decree law on protected areas.

Nino Konis Santana, National Park, Timor-Leste

This workshop was one of the activities being implemented under the ELC project “Protected areas law at the intersection of biodiversity conservation and climate change”. Prior to this workshop, consultations led by the Department of Protected Areas were organized in the districts with PA managers to discuss the content of the draft decree law. Based on the consultations’ outcomes, a revised version of the draft was prepared and presented in Dili on 19th March 2013

For more information, please contact: sarah.lucas@iucn.org

Work area: 
Environmental Law
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