REWARD, a new name for the regional water programme

The Regional Water Resources & Drylands Programme (REWARD) is the new name for the West Asia/Middle East Regional Water Programme. "This new name expresses the idea that water and drylands ecosystems must be REWARDing to local people, while people have to REWARD or value their ecosystems. At the same time, the Arabic translation of REWARD, "Mukafa'a" also implies the benefit of win-win situation." According to Peter Laban, IUCN REWARD Programme Coordinator.  He added that taking care of your ecosystems provides an important price as a REWARD to your own life!"

Children Playing at Zarqa River

REWARD has patiently built a strong network of partnerships with regional and worldwide institutions involved in water management. Thanks to this experience, four demonstration projects in river basin are being implemented in Jordan, Egypt and Palestine funded by the DGCS. The objective is to define a framework of stakeholders and a sustainable management for all the community regarding specificity of each area.

REWARD directly contributes to the Water and Nature Initiative (WANI), a world-wide effort of IUCN to implement a systemic approach to water management. This enables the WAME network members to benefit directly from the experience and expertise available in this worldwide initiative. At the same time REWARDs inscribes itself in IUCN global efforts to mitigate the effects of desertification through its Global Drylands Programme.

For more information on the water programme, please contact Mr Peter Laban, REWARD Programme Coordinator at:

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