Private Business Sector Organic Farming in Serbia signed Countdown 2010

On 10 May 2008 the first private business sector representative from Serbia, Mr. Zoran Stojanov, signed the CD2010 Declaration on his farm Salas 176 in Cenej, Vojvodina, Serbia.

Organic farm in Serbia- field work


Mr. Stojanov is one of several organic agriculture farmers, who work with traditional breeds of livestock and crops and vegetables in his farm in the Vojvodina area in the northern part of Serbia. His products are grown based on organic manure fertilising, avoiding of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, rather using natural measures (crop rotation, manual tilling, biotic antagonists of plant infections) which is considered the most natural way of agriculture and which is meanwhile becoming popular in several parts of Serbia. The products of Mr. Stojanov are traded on the market in Novi Sad and are processed the traditional food in his own restaurant in Novi Sad. Further on Mr. Stojanov promotes rural tourism and development of the landscape stewardship principle in the Vojvodina, which makes his farm being frequently visited by local, regional and international clients and students.

Besides growing of crops the efforts and success of the Stojanov farm have gained recognition amongst organic farmers throughout Serbia and excursion are organised regularly to the farm to see and taste about the potential of organic food. Such events are co-organised by associated farmers and IUCN member (Green Network of Vojvodina (GNV)) and CD2010 Signatories (Community of Botos). While the Botos community provided traditional specialities from their Banat area and handy craft products as well handed out catalogues for rural area/ farm house tourism, the GNV used the opportunity to hand out Diploma for recognition of attending lectures and training courses in organic agriculture to nearly 20 farmers and small company representatives from the region. The attraction of the event was further emphasized by a team of bicyclists, who arrived from Belgrad and joint the ceremony and the served traditional food – a proof of the functioning rural tourism potential of the newest CD2010 member.

During the signing ceremony Jörg Lohmann from the IUCN-SEE Office informed about the scope of work of IUCN in Serbia and presented the CD2010 Initiative to the participants of the Stojanov Farm meeting. He pointed out that with this first private business sector signatory, the recently signed Secretariat of Vojvodina Province and the Botos Community as well as GNV (last year), Serbia has the unique situation of having representatives on all levels (provincial, communal) and both character (private, state) on board. This is a perfect starting point for a comprehensive CD2010 Saving Biodiversity Campaign in Vojvodina, Serbia, for which IUCN-SEE stands ready to develop the campaign together with partners and to assist in implementation.      

For more information about the Stojanov Farm (no own e-mail address) please contact GNV at or Mr. Pezold, the IUCN-SEE Focal Point for CD2010 at


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