IUCN and member GNV join forces to deliver message on importance of ecosystems for sustainable energy

IUCN member organisation GNV (Green Network Vojvodina) presented a joint IUCN paper at the 4th Regional Conference: Environment for Europe (EnE08) in Belgrade on the June 4-5, 2008.


The paper, a joint collaboration between GNV, IUCN HQ and IUCN Regional Office for Europe, highlights the need to promote the production of sustainable renewable energies in SEE countries , where the natural conditions allow harvesting of fuel- wood, generation of wind-, water- and solar-energy. The long term objective is the reduction of pollution and contamination of the land, water and air by decreasing exploitation of nonrenewable resources such as oil, gas, coal and lignite – for the ultimate goal of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the countries of South-Eastern Europe.

Work area: 
South-Eastern Europe 
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