Help us raise awareness for the The Thin Green Line!

The Thin Green Line Festival- World Wide Music Event

Sean Willmore, Director of Thin Green Line NGO

On February 14th  we will be having a large Thin Green Line Festival near Melbourne, raising awareness and funds for rangers and conservation around the globe. There will be musicians, ranger art exhibition, films, world foods and drinks.

We are asking for our friends, colleagues and partners to host their own  small , private or public music events to coincide with this, so that we have many grass roots music events raising awareness and celebrating our common goals for conservation.(pdf also attached)
Already we have small events organised in Congo, Iran, Russia, and  Canada, and we need many more.    Its easy to organise an event. They can be private( at your house, work  or sports club ) or public; small or big: its up to the organiser on how they wish to structure it .
  All you need is a musician and more than two people. 
  You register online at   ( which will be in french and spanish by the end of this week)
  Once registered we send an electronic information package to help the organiser. and if you can't raise money at the event thats ok...awareness is just as important.
  It would be greatly appreciated if you could place this information on the IUCN website and email relevant contacts  within IUCN and other partner organisations to register small music events all over the globe.
  Please contact Sean  via email, or phone on +61 359313202  if you wish to discuss this in more detail.
  Thank-you for any assistance you could give this  initiative to help support rangers and communities for conservation.
  Yours Kindly
  Sean Willmore Director  The Thin Green Line Foundation   FEB 14TH- WORLD MUSIC EVENT- REGISTER NOW


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