ICCAs and the PA Legislation Guidelines

ELC Project ‘Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation’: the draft Guidelines are progressing well, and presently the object of an intensive review process. A two-day meeting took place at the ELC to consider the chapter of the draft dealing with ICCAs (Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas).

Members of the PA Guidleines project Steering Group

Melinda Janki, CEL Steering Committee Member, and other members of the project Steering Group, including Barbara Lausche (Principal Contributor) met with Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend, former chair of TGER and TILCEPA, current member of the CEESP Steering Committee and - with Ashish Kothari - focal point for ICCAs for both WCPA and CEESP.  The meeting combed through the chapter on ICCAs, discussed structure and text, as well as the choice of case studies to illustrate that part of the Guidelines.

The next revision of the Guidelines, taking into consideration the results of this meeting and comments received through the review process, is planned for mid-June.

Work area: 
Protected Areas
Environmental Law
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