IUCN supports biodiversity monitoring in the Southern Caucasus

IUCN POSC has developed five biodiversity related indicators, based on existing European indicators where possible. These indicators are offered to national and regional biodiversity monitoring systems in the Southern Caucasus and will be used to measure progress towards the 2010 Biodiversity Target and beyond.

Monitoring Biodiversity in the Southern Caucasus

Biodiversity monitoring based on user-friendly biodiversity indicators provides information that is needed to plan and prioritize conservation measures towards the 2010 Biodiversity Target and beyond. In the Southern Caucasus, both national and regional biodiversity monitoring systems are under development. The IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus supports these developments by contributing five priority indicators (Common Birds Index, Seabirds Index, National Red List Index, Indicator on Funding for Biodiversity, Public Awareness Indicator), which have been adapted specifically for use in this region, based on tried and tested indicators from other European countries. This work has been conducted within the framework of the project “Halting the loss of biodiversity in the Southern Caucasus”, with funding from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The indicator protocols are intended for use by Ministries of the Environment and other relevant stakeholders involved in biodiversity monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Work area: 
Southern Caucasus
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