Banner Flies on Everest for CEC Member's Campaign

Mangal Man Shakya, Chairman of the Wildlife Watch Group in Nepal and member of IUCN CEC, is raising awareness about the export of Nepalese monkeys to labs in the United States. He presented Nepal’s new forest minister with a photo of climber Jyamchang Bhotia holding a “Stop Monkey Business” banner at the top of Mount Everest.

Jyamchang Bhotia stands atop Mt Everest with a banner protesting export of monkeys from Nepal

WWG/IPPL appeal from top of the World: Stop Monkey Business

29 July 2009/ Kathmandu: Jyamchang Bhotia a young and professional mountaineering guide reached third time on 19 June at 10 AM local time at the top of the Mount Everest with the Wildlife Watch Group (WWG) and USA based International Primate Protection League (IPPL) banner portraying the slogan Stop Monkey business: Don't export Nepalese Monkeys to USA

Today a framed photograph of this historic expedition dedicated to prevent Nepalese monkey from being sent to deadly experiment in the USA labs, handed over to a Nepal's new Forest minister Hon' Mr. Deepak Bohara at his office at Singh.

Mangal Man Shakya Chairman of WWG before presenting the framed photograph, handed over the joint Appeal with Nepalese Federation of Forest Resource Users Group (NEFUG) and special letter from Chairwomen of IPPL Dr. Shirely McGreal , O.B.E. addressed to the forest minister Mr. Bohara. "We want to appeal to not only the Nepal government but also to the U.S. government and the whole world. We hope that he will take the necessary steps in banning the illegal trade." Said Mr. Shakya

In the letter Dr. McGreal said, "We understand that one monkey breeding centre has already established at Lele and are concerned for the well-being of the animals removed from their free living families to live there.... they should be released to the wild or live in large spacious corrals and subjected to no cruel experiments." She further stated "... revoke all permits that may have been granted to any party/parties to incarcerate monkeys".

Last year Dr. McGreal was presented with the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E) "for services to the protection of primate" by Queen Elizabeth II at a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace.

Similarly WWG and NEFUG remind and requested to continue to follow to last decision of the ministry to the new Minster when, the Ministry has made a decision on June 20, 2008 regarding not to export rhesus monkeys for biomedical research stating that the Wildlife Farming, Reproduction and Research Policy 2003 does not include any clause for allowing export of rhesus monkeys in order to use in Biomedical Research purpose.

NEFUG is new partner of WWG and IPPL led stop monkey business campaign coalition started in 2006 to oppose monkey business nationally and internationally. NEFUG is an umbrella organization of 18,000 forest users group in spreading all over Nepal. The President of the NEFUG Mr. Shanker Malla
Thakuri said, "We will sensitize to all our thousands of members to oppose any
ill intention decision made by government regarding monkey export to US labs by joining this coalition".

After receiving photograph and letters, Minister Bohara said he will thoroughly look in the issue and take appropriate steps.

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