Les participants à l'atelier de Kinshasa

La légalité de l’exploitation forestière en République Démocratique du Congo

L’UICN a organisé, mercredi 9 décembre 2009 à Kinshasa avec l’appui de DFID et en collaboration avec la facilitation du plan d’action FLEGT en RDC, une rencontre sur le thème : « La légalité de l’exploitation forestière en République Démocratique du Congo : enjeux et défis pour la mise en œuvre du plan d’action FLEGT ».  …  

12 Jan 2010 | News story
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Analyses cover for CITES CoP15

IUCN and TRAFFIC release CITES CoP15 Analyses of the Proposals

In preparation for the upcoming CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) meeting (15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, CoP15) that will be taking place 13 – 25 March 2010 in Doha, Qatar, IUCN and TRAFFIC have released the results of their Analyses of the Proposals to Amend the Appendices. See here for the table with the Analyses. …  

12 Jan 2010 | News story


Look ahead to 2010

As the new year dawns, IUCN Pan European staff share their predictions for 2010.
What do Dr Hans Friederich, Regional Director for Pan Europe, Boris Erg, Director for South Eastern Europe, Jean-Claude Jacques, Head of Representation to the EU, Liza Drius, Communications Assistant and Richard Aishton, ENPI-FLEG Coordinator expect to be the big stories of the next 12 months? …  

08 Jan 2010 | News story
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Results of survey

Survey results: CEC members want website rich in learning links

What do CEC members want from their website? Knowledge of current trends in sustainable development communication and education is “very important” as is professional updating. A  survey in December 2009 identified member priorities. …  

07 Jan 2010 | News story

Panel discussion.

Media Workshop for Environmental Journalists held

Karachi: January 6: A three day workshop for environmental journalists from across Pakistan, organized by Pakistan Press Foundation (http://www.pakistanpressfoundation.org) and UNESCO concluded here.

The workshop was titled Enhancing Media Coverage of Environmental Issues.”

This was the first in a series of two workshops. …  

06 Jan 2010 | News story

Commission logo banded in gold.

CEC Annual Report 2009

This is the IUCN CEC December newsletter and our 2009 Annual Report. Highlights of the year include expanding the climate change conversation to include military experts, branding biodiversity, offering CEPA training workshops, engaging in ESD policy and practice, finding a new home for the World Conservation Institute, partnering with WCPA, exploring new ICT tools, and making the CEC structure stronger with new Regional Vice-Chairs, Specialty Group Leaders and National Activators. …  

06 Jan 2010 | News story

IUCN CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Information

Nancy Colleton is CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Information

Nancy Colleton is president of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and executive director of the Alliance for Earth Observations. She is leading the Commission's efforts to draw attention to exciting resources for data and information about our changing planet. …  

06 Jan 2010 | News story

Species of the Day

Discover biodiversity - every day

To increase awareness of the enormous variety of life on our planet, and raise the profile of threatened species, we have launched the IUCN Red List ‘Species of the Day’. …  

06 Jan 2010 | News story

Mekong River, Lao PDR

Water Governance-A situational analysis of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam published

This report is the second in a series of publications to be brought out under the Mekong Region Water Dialogues. …  

05 Jan 2010 | News story