Wafae Benhardouze, member of IUCN's Species Survival Commission

More research needed to save nature

Support for scientific research by governments is vital for conservation efforts, according to Wafae Benhardouze, a member of IUCN's Species Survival Commission. …  

06 Oct 2011 | News story

Maher Mahjoub, IUCN Programme Officer for North Africa

Stronger working together in North Africa

More can be achieved to preserve nature in North Africa by working together, that's one of the messages coming out loud and clear from IUCN's North Africa Members Forum in Rabat, Morocco . …  

06 Oct 2011 | News story

Paule Gros, Programme Manager Mediterranean Basin, MAVA Foundation

Water is top priority for North Africa

One of the major environmental priorities facing the North African region and across the Mediterranean is the issue of water, that's according to Paule Gros, Programme Manager for the Mediterranean Basin at the MAVA Foundation. …  

06 Oct 2011 | News story

Trawler, Hobart harbour, Australia

Managing deep-seas fisheries: Challenges and opportunities

During a meeting held recently at the United Nations in New York, IUCN and The Nature Conservancy provided information on policy recommendations on how to improve the management of deep-sea fisheries and ecosystems. The recommendations were developed following a workshop jointly organized by TNC and IUCN. …  

06 Oct 2011 | News story


IWRM experiences shared between Kenya and Mozambique

Experiences on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) planning process from the Lower Tana in Kenya have been used in developing an IWRM plan for Chicualacuala district in Mozambique. The IWRM planning process was conducted in the two administrative areas namely Mapai and Eduardo Mondlane with funding from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and facilitated by IUCN-ESARO and Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) - Lower Tana Sub-catchment. …  

05 Oct 2011 | News story
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Mme Leila Bahri, President, Alliance Femme et Environnement Tunisienne

Une conservation durable pour une economie plus stable - Tunisie

Les pays d'Afrique du Nord font face à une série de défis environnementaux urgentes. Mais les Membres de l'UICN réunis au Forum de Membres d' Afrique du Nord à Rabat, au Maroc, sont désireux de trouver des solutions. Un de ces membres est Leila Bahri, présidente de l'Alliance Femme et Environnement en Tunisie. …  

05 Oct 2011 | News story

Usama Ghazali from Egyptian National Parks

Stronger institutions needed for nature in Egypt

The IUCN North Africa Members Forum in Rabat, Morocco, brings together IUCN’s members from across the whole of North Africa. Among the delegates from Egypt is Usama Ghazali from Egyptian National Parks. He explains what he sees as the priorities for conservation within the region. …  

05 Oct 2011 | News story


Which room for civil society in the house of IPBES?

On 4 October 2011, the second day of the First Plenary Meeting, delegates addressed the design of an Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). IUCN supported the proposal to consider the role and the participation of non-governmental stakeholders in the Platform. …  

05 Oct 2011 | News story

Group discussion at training workshop in Can Tho Province

Promoting the role of local environmental NGOs: a long road ahead

IUCN and the Vietnam Institute of Human Rights (VIHR) organized a workshop on August 23-24, 2011 in Hoa Binh to get feedback on a training manual entitled Human Rights-based Approaches to Environmental Protection. A similar workshop was held on August 29-30 in Can Tho. Both workshops were funded by IUCN’s UNDEF-funded project Promoting Active Participation of Civil Society in Environment Governance. …   | Vietnamese

05 Oct 2011 | News story

Microcuenca del río Yorkín

Adaptándose al cambio climático


04 Oct 2011 | News story