Students voting for "doesn't love hydropower" at HUST

Students face to face with dam development

On November 29-30, 2012, IUCN, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, organized two screenings of a 52-minute documentary on the winners and losers from hydropower development in the Mekong Region. The film was shown at the Vietnam National University (VNU) and Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). …   | Vietnamese

31 Dec 2012 | News story
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Sonneratia x gulngai is a hybrid of S. alba and S. caseolaris.

New mangrove record confirmed for Vanuatu

A new mangrove species record has been confirmed for Vanuatu. The hybrid, Sonneratia X gulngai, was discovered during a field assessment on Santo Island and now brings the total national mangrove species record to 20. …  

30 Dec 2012 | Article

Dr Truong Thi Quoc Khanh - permenant Deputy of the National Assembly’s Commission on Science, Technology, and Environment - presented at the workshop

Những bất cập trong thi pháp luật môi trường và bảo đảm quyền môi trường cho người được trợ giúp pháp lý

Quyền được Trợ giúp pháp lý và quyền môi trường: Nghị định số 07/ CP của Chính phủ ngày 12/1/2007 hướng dẫn thi hành Luật trợ giúp pháp lý 2006, tại Điều 34 đã quy định người nghèo, đối tượng chính sách và nhóm yếu thế khác được trợ giúp pháp lý về 08 lĩnh vực pháp luật trong đó có vấn đề môi trường. …   | English | French

30 Dec 2012 | Article
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HCM Political Academy staff presenting at the Hanoi workshop

Policy barriers to cleaner environment in Viet Nam

Since 2008, IUCN has cooperated with the Vietnam Institute of Human Rights (VIHR), one of 10 or so institutions that make up the Ho Chi Minh Political Academy on a range of environmental governance projects. IUCN’s interest in working with the VIHR lies primarily in the fact that every year it trains 500-700 government officials who need to pass in order to get promoted. In a one party state that regards independent action by non-state actors with suspicion, such cooperation offers the opportunity to broaden the knowledge and (hopefully) change the attitudes of Vietnam’s future leaders. …   | Vietnamese

29 Dec 2012 | Article
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Journalists interviewing water specialist on the field trip

Training journalists in the Mekong Delta

On December 5-7, IUCN Viet Nam organized a media training course the water resources management issues in Mekong Delta for 15 journalists. It was held in Dong Thap Province and included a field trip to Sa Rai Town, Tan Hong District, Dong Thap Province. The course was supported by the IUCN-coordinated Mekong Water Dialogues (MWD) and U.N. Democracy Fund (UNDEF). …   | Vietnamese

28 Dec 2012 | Article
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Bangladesh Elephant

Action research for conservation of Asian elephants in Bangladesh

The conservation of Asian elephants is vital to the maintenance of the biodiversity and ecological integrity of Bangladesh. It is estimated that there are 239 wild Asian elephants in the country. 

26 Dec 2012 | Project completed

IUCN President Mr. Zhang XInsheng speaking at the China Nature Based Ecological Civilization Education and Communications Roundtable


在2012年12月20日IUCN举办了一场“以自然为基础的生态文明宣传教育圆桌座谈会”,并邀请16位来自政府、NGO和商界的环境教育专家分享他们在推动自然宣传教育过程中所遇到的挑战,并讨论推动我国生态文明宣传教育的优先领域和行动。 …   | English

26 Dec 2012 | Article

Members of the Thailand National Working Group discussing the impacts of dredging in Ranong, Thailand

Community Water Dialogues: Creating a platform for community participation in flood and water Management

 Over the next year the Thailand National Working Group (NWG), Mekong Water Dialogues will be conducting Community Water Dialogues (CWD) throughout Thailand. CWD will establish a platform for local communities to contribute to flood and water management in Thailand. …  

21 Dec 2012 | Article
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Water onion, Ranong Province, Thailand

Losing the Thai Water onion: A community’s fight to stop dredging and protect their ecosystem

On the 12 of December 2012, the Thailand National Working Group, Mekong Water Dialogues, visited Ranong Province in the South of Thailand to talk to local communities and to witness, first hand, the impacts of dredging on the local ecosystem and communities. …  

21 Dec 2012 | Article
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Community Water Dialogues: the impacts of dredging in Ranong Province, Thailand

Community Water Dialogues: the impacts of dredging in Ranong Province, Thailand

On the 13 of December 2012, IUCN and the Mekong Water Dialogues financially and technically supported the first Community Water Dialogues (CWD) in Ranong Province, Thailand. The CWD in Ranong focused on the impacts of dredging on local communities and environment.  …  

21 Dec 2012 | Article
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