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People riding bicycles over a bridge on the Nam Xong River

Blog from the World Water Forum II: Let’s not talk only about water

Raphaël Glémet, Senior Programme Officer for Water and Wetlands within IUCN’s Asia Regional Office, talks to us about his passion for all things water, and shares his excitement about innovative approaches to transboundary water governance. …  

17 Apr 2015 | News story


Commercial agriculture and forestry could have a net positive impact on biodiversity – IUCN report

Gland, Switzerland, 16 April 2015 (IUCN) – A new IUCN study examines, for the first time, how commercial agriculture and forestry production could reduce global biodiversity loss by applying innovative approaches already used by some companies in the extractive and infrastructure industries.

16 Apr 2015 | News story

Fishing in the Mekong

Blog from the World Water Forum I: Scattered pearls do not make a necklace

Marcello Rocca, Communications Officer for the Water and Wetlands Programme within IUCN’s Central and West Africa office, reports back on his experience of this important event so far.  …  

14 Apr 2015 | News story

Comunidad Ñangali, Provincia de Huancabamba, Departamento de Piura, Perú.

Investigaciones Adaptivas realizadas por mujeres de los Páramos de Huancabamba

Artículo preparado por el Instituto de Montaña, Perú. “Comunidades de los Páramos” de la UICN. …  

14 Apr 2015 | News story


Eye on Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi to Boost Environmental Information for Decision-makers

Over 650 delegates from government, UN bodies, the non-governmental sector, private sector, academia and civil society will gather in Abu Dhabi between 6 and 8 October for the Eye on Earth Summit 2015, to bridge the information gap policy makers face in designing plans for sustainable development. …  

14 Apr 2015 | News story

Side by side satellite images showing new areas of lost forest cover in Armenia.

Not in Our Forest

ARMENIA – In Armenia, old-fashioned community engagement and modern satellite technology are putting illegal forest activities on the map, quite literally, and since January 2015, a new website has been exposing these once secret operations to the world.  …  

13 Apr 2015 | News story

SOS, International Rhino Foundation, Indonesia

Video Sequences of Javan Rhinos from Ujung Kulon National Park

One hundred camera traps and dozens of man hours later, a recently released video shows amazing sequences featuring some of the extremely rare and rather elusive Critically Endangered Javan Rhinos of Ujung Kulon National Park. You can watch the video here. …  

11 Apr 2015 | News story

Gobernanza de Áreas Protegidas. De la comprensión a la acción.

Gobernanza de Áreas Protegidas y Conservadas. De la comprensión a la acción

 El próximo 14 de abril, en las oficinas de UICN-Sur, en Quito-Ecuador, se realizará este taller con la participación de la Dra. Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend, Coordinadora Global del Consorcio TICCA y de la Corriente temática sobre diversidad y calidad de la gobernanza del Congreso Mundial de Parques Sídney 2014. …  

10 Apr 2015 | News story

Logo World Water Forum 2015

IUCN at the 7th World Water Forum

IUCN is presenting, contributing, and participating in many workshops, seminars and side events at the upcoming 7th World Water Forum, starting on Sunday 12 April in Daegu and Gyeongju, Republic of Korea. A consolidated overview of activities IUCN will be involved in is now available. …  

10 Apr 2015 | News story

María Oliveira de la organización venezolana PROVITA.

La capacitación es vital para la implementación de la Lista Roja de Ecosistemas de la UICN en América Latina

 La Lista Roja de ecosistemas reúne información sobre el estado de los ecosistemas del mundo en diferentes ámbitos geográficos. Las Categorías y Criterios de la Lista Roja de Ecosistemas de UICN ofrecen un procedimiento estandarizado para evaluar la condición de los ecosistemas a nivel local, nacional, regional y global. Esto permite definir si un ecosistema está resguardado de un riesgo inminente de colapso, si es vulnerable, enfrenta peligro o si se encuentran ante peligro crítico de colapsar. …  

10 Apr 2015 | News story


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