Empowering Women is Good for Global Business & Development

Over the last several decades, it has become accepted wisdom that improving the status of women is one of the most critical levers of international development. When women are educated and can earn and control income, a number of good results follow: infant mortality declines, child health and nutrition improve, agricultural productivity rises, population growth slows, economies expand, and cycles of poverty are broken. …  

23 May 2010 | News story

New Indigenous Rights Network in Australia

Despite the disappointment that a national Human Rights Act has been relegated to the Australian Government's back-burner, Indigenous Australians are getting on with advocating and promoting their human rights. …  

21 May 2010 | News story

Participants evaluating their projects using a gender lens.

Energy project managers empowered on gender mainstreaming

Managers of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects implemented by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in six countries in Oceania were trained on incorporating gender dimensions into their respective projects at a workshop recently held in Nuku’alofa, Tonga. …  

10 May 2010 | News story

Aira Kalela

La UICN celebra el Día Internacional de la Mujer

Con ocasión del Día Internacional de la Mujer del 2010 (8 de marzo), la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) honra a líderes que están a la vanguardia del empoderamiento de las mujeres en lo referente a soluciones ante el cambio climático.  …   | English

08 Mar 2010 | News story

Female Pastoralist

Empowering women in pastoral societies

The World initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism (WISP) has released a report that showcases best practices on pastoralist women’s empowerment. Authored by by Fiona Flintan on behalf of WISP, the report focuses on pastoralist women from pastoral communities across the world. …  

19 Jan 2010 | News story
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Rural women

Copenhagen Day 5 - Women agents of change

IUCN's Senior Gender Adviser, Lorena Aguilar, explains the importance of women as actors in the climate debate. …  

12 Dec 2009 | News story
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Women discussion group in Tenedba-Eastern Sudan

¿Al fin un cambio radical para las mujeres y el cambio climático?

Todos los que han trabajado incansablemente para asegurar que se de la adecuada consideración al papel de la mujer en los esfuerzos por hacer frente al cambio climático seguirán con el corazón en un puño el desarrollo de los acontecimientos en Copenhague. Cualquier acuerdo que emerja de la conferencia puede ser el primero en reconocer los aspectos de género en el cambio climático y, al hacerlo, estará camino de salvar las vidas de millones de mujeres y niños. …   | English | French

30 Nov 2009 | News story

Ramsar site: Azraq Wetland Reserve

Azraq: an oasis under pressure

Increasing water demands in water-scarce Jordan is putting pressure on one of the country’s largest groundwater basins, the Azraq oasis …  

22 Nov 2009 | News story

Minister Al-Irani called for more pro-active participation by women groups in the lead up to Copenhagen

Minister Al-Irani called for more pro-active participation by women groups in the lead up to Copenhagen

At the last day of the Gender and Climate Change training workshop held in Amman, the Jordanian Minister of Environment, H.E. Eng. Khaled Al-Irani called for more pro-active participation by women groups in the lead up to Copenhagen. …  

12 Nov 2009 | News story

Jordan Training

Arab governments show foresight over climate change and gender equality

With a firm agreement elusive in the countdown to the UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen next month, the ability of local communities in the Arab region to fight the negative effects of climate change hang in the balance. …  

12 Nov 2009 | News story

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