Left to Right: Teina Etches (National Council of Women), Maria Henderson  (Parekura (president) of Kouto Nui), and Ana Tiraa (Climate Change Office, IUCN Councillor)

Progress for Cook Islands Marine Park

In its strides to establish the Cook Islands Marine Park, or the Marae Moana, key stakeholders met last month to discuss findings of a legal analysis facilitated by IUCN Oceania. …  

15 Apr 2014 | News story

Deforestation and land degradation in Tsorona, Eritrea

Nominate experts for the work of IPBES

On 2 April 2014, IPBES issued the second call for nominations of experts through IPBES member governments and other relevant stakeholders to help implementing its first work programme 2014-2018. It is highly relevant to the experts within the IUCN's network, especially in the light of the Resolutions from the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress on IPBES itself, and on IUCN’s role in the Platform. …  

11 Apr 2014 | News story

SOS Save Our Species, West African Manatee, Lucy Diagne

Manatee hunters turned fish-keepers

The West African Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) is the least studied mammal in Africa despite having a range larger than the United States: encompassing 21 African countries. At the same time, it faces serious threats from hunting and accidental capture in fishing nets. …  

07 Apr 2014 | News story

Inaugural session of the regional workshop to identify EBSAs in the Mediterranean.

Cómo proteger la biodiversidad marina mediterránea más allá de la jurisdicción nacional

La necesidad de aumentar la superficie protegida de los océanos es urgente, y no solo por cumplir con los compromisos internacionales, sino porque el deterioro de los ecosistemas marinos va en aumento. El Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica (CDB) y el Plan de Acción para el Mediterráneo del Programa de Naciones Unidas (PAM-PNUMA) celebran del 7 al 11 de abril en Málaga (España), un taller regional para la identificación de Áreas Marinas de Importancia Ecológica o Biológica (AIEB o EBSAs en sus siglas en inglés) en el Mediterráneo. …   | English | French

07 Apr 2014 | News story

Some MACBIO workshop participants

Placing a value on the marine environment: Opportunity and challenges

Quantifying the value of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Pacific Islands region provides an opportunity to improve the management of these ecosystems, but environmental valuation faces some unique regional challenges in the Pacific.  …  

04 Apr 2014 | News story

Medmis banner

Nueva aplicación móvil de UICN sobre especies invasoras en áreas marinas protegidas del Mediterráneo

El Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de la UICN ha presentado hoy una nueva aplicación para teléfonos inteligentes y una herramienta en línea para ayudar a los administradores de áreas marinas protegidas (AMP) a controlar la propagación de especies marinas invasoras en el Mediterráneo. La presentación se ha realizado durante el taller sobre cambio climático y áreas marinas protegidas celebrado en Cadaqués (España), organizado por la Red de gestores de Áreas Marinas Protegidas en el Mediterráneo (MedPAN) y el Centro de Actividades Regionales para áreas especialmente protegidas del Convenio de Barcelona (CAR/AEP del Plan de Acción del Mediterráneo del PNUMA) en colaboración con la Generalitat de Catalunya, el Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de la UICN, y con el apoyo de la Agencia del Agua de la región Ródano-Mediterráneo y Córcega y la Fundación MAVA.  | English | French

03 Apr 2014 | News story

Marine trash and plastic debris, Midway Atoll

IUCN explores marine debris and its effect on migratory species

IUCN has partnered up with Eunomia and the Marine Conservation Society for a study that will explore the relationship between marine debris and migratory species. It is hoped the investigation will shed some further light on the marine waste problem and the solutions that are needed to tackle this menace to the marine environment. 

28 Feb 2014 | News story

Example of a meeting with a participatory approach.

Stakeholder Participation Toolkit for Identification, Designation and Management of Marine Protected Areas

The Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA) signed in 2012 a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN-Med) for the “Assessment and support to Adriatic countries’ priority needs for legal, policy and institutional reforms to strengthen the creation processes and the management of marine protected areas (MPA)”. One of the first outcomes of this collaboration has been the “Stakeholder Participation Toolkit for Identification, Designation and Management of Marine Protected Areas”. …  

25 Feb 2014 | News story

marine, young managers, Belize

Young Marine Protected Managers get together to learn and connect

From February 4th to 9th 2014, a learning exchange for junior marine protected area managers from different Caribbean islands took place in Belize, to promote learning and information-sharing among young marine protected area managers who will implement the skills and knowledge acquired here to strengthen the protection of natural resources in the region.   …  

14 Feb 2014 | News story
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Bruguiera swamp at Nasoata Island.

Nasoata for international wetlands list

Nasoata Island, in the Province of Rewa in Fiji, is a proposed Wetland of International Importance. Discussions are currently underway between the Fiji Government, SPREP, USP, IUCN and other partners about applying for its listing on the Ramsar Convention.   …  

13 Feb 2014 | News story

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