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Adriatic coast, Croatia

Green Economy: the Adriatic-Ionian Region plans post-Rio+20

State representatives and stakeholders from the Adriatic-Ionian Region met at a Side Event during the Rio+20 Conference to discuss past achievements and prospects for post-Rio interventions to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth in the region. Tomasz Pezold from the IUCN office in Belgrade presented IUCN’s role in this process. …  

27 Jun 2012 | News story
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Rio+20: UN Conference on Sustainable Development

20 years on, civil society leads in Rio

Governments are leaving the UN’s Sustainable Development Summit (Rio +20) with a big deal but little action. Groups of civil society and business have proved they can lead the way towards a sustainable future. …  

22 Jun 2012 | News story

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Commitments coming through in Rio

As world leaders pour in to Rio de Janeiro for the UN's Sustainable Development Summit civil society, business and governments are making commitments that will make a difference, according to IUCN's Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre. …  

21 Jun 2012 | News story

Verónica Arias, del Centro de Derecho Ambiental, y Víctor Hugo Inchausty, Director regional (ai) de UICN-Sur.

South American States Frustrated in Rio

With just two days left there is a feeling of frustration on the part of many governments here at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in Rio. And many of those are from South America. …  

21 Jun 2012 | News story

Jane Smart

‘The future we want’ - or ‘the future we are actually going to get’?

This event is both underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time. In too many disparate locations events are taking place (taking precious time to get to) we hear of excellent and innovative solutions to the big fix the planet is in. …  

20 Jun 2012 | News story
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King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah)

Securing the web of life

The source of our food, medicines and clean water, as well the livelihoods of millions of people may be at risk with the rapid decline of the world’s animal, plant and fungi species. The latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, released today on the eve of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shows that of the 63,837 species assessed, 19,817 are threatened with extinction, including 41% of amphibians, 33% of reef building corals, 25% of mammals, 13% of birds, and 30% of conifers. The IUCN Red List is a critical indicator of the health of the world’s biodiversity. …  

19 Jun 2012 | News story

Aimé J. Nianogo

African expectations not yet met in Rio

Around 50,000 delegates from around the world are attending the UN’s biggest meeting ever in Rio. The aim of the Rio +20 Sustainability Summit is to lift billions of the world’s poorest people out of poverty without exhausting the planet’s resources. But economic woes are keeping expectations low. …  

19 Jun 2012 | News story

Dinaric Arc - Transboundary Cooperation

At the crossroads of conservation and development

Transboundary cooperation among adjacent countries epitomizes the ambition of the Rio +20 conference. As discussed during the side event organized by IUCN and the Italian Government (DGCS) at the UN Conference on sustainable development (Rio+20), it offers some early results and insights into the relevance of natural resource management for the green economy. …  

18 Jun 2012 | News story

Business unusual

Let’s get serious!

IUCN and the UN Global Compact are helping business in Rio get serious about biodiversity, boosting private sector efforts in conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services – the benefits we get from nature. …  

18 Jun 2012 | News story


Estados Unidos y otros países a favor de restaurar más de 18 millones de hectáreas de tierras forestales

El Servicio Forestal de Estados Unidos, Ruanda, una coalición de Brasil y grupos indígenas de Mesoamérica se han comprometido a restaurar un total de más de 18 millones de hectáreas de su paisaje forestal. Esta decisión inyectará miles de millones de dólares en las economías locales y mundial además de aportar muchos otros beneficios, según afirma la UICN. …   | English | French | Portuguese

18 Jun 2012 | News story
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