Day Eight – Heat wave at the Committee

28 June 2011 | Blogs

Today was originally planned to be a day without sessions, to allow the Rapporteur and the Secretariat of the World Heritage Centre to prepare the report before the final approval of decisions on the meeting's last day, Wednesday 29 June, writes Christelle Perruchoud, IUCN’s World Heritage Project Management Assistant

However, the Committee being overly keen, endlessly discussing every decision and finding it hard to say 'no', the delay in reviewing natural and cultural sites has greatly grown, and today is now a working session.

We are running out of time: the Chair is pressing the Committee members to find an agreeable decision faster and to move on. But despite this catch-up day, we will not be able to finish discussing all items on the agenda and an additional session will most probably take place later this year, just before the UNESCO General Assembly.

This is my second Committee session and it is still an interesting learning experience. I feel that the IUCN delegation has played a key role in many of the decisions that were taken over the last week and I am glad that I had the opportunity to witness and be part of this international summit again.