Protection of the Mediterranean-Black Sea Ecosystem

The Chair of CEL gave a presentation at the international conference “The Protection and Sustainable Development of the Mediterranean-Black Sea Ecosystem" on May 24-26 2007, organised by ICEF (International Court of the Environment Foundation), by invitation of its Director, CEL Honorary Member Prof. Amedeo Postiglione.

The conference took place in Venice, at the Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista - a magnificent venue! - with the scientific support of UNEP/MAP; Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution; EU Forum of Judges for the Environment, Arab Forum of Judges for the Environment and IUCN. The following people and institutions granted their patronage for the conference’s organization: Stavros Dimas (member of the European Commission); Italian National Commission for UNESCO; Italian National Research Council; Italian Ministry of the Environment and Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research. This forum was organized under an initiative involving 25 countries around the Mediterranean-Black Sea basin and is aimed at reviewing the current state of progress in the implementation of existing environmental law for the protection of the sea and coast (domestic law of the States, community law and international law) and at building a dynamic network of knowledge, by exchanging and sharing experiences and best practices.
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Environmental Law
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