IUCN CEC Annual Report 2012

Highlights from a busy year are presented here, including CEC contributions to the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Rio+20 conference and CBD COP 11. Top stories include the election of a new Chair for the next IUCN quadrennial and the launch of the campaign 'How to Tell a Love Story' (about nature).

Annual Report of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication

The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) seeks to engage and inspire people to value and protect nature – from policy makers to natural resource managers on the ground. CEC is a global voluntary network leveraging the professional expertise of more than 1,000 members in every region of the world to advance the conservation priorities of IUCN, the world’s oldest and largest global environmental network. Benefits of CEC membership include access to a learning community with common goals, opportunities to showcase knowledge and exchange ideas, invitations to contribute opinions and apply expertise, an electronic newsletter reporting on current activities and events, access to the IUCN World Conservation Congress and participation in a specialty group or regional network.

This report presents highlights of CEC activities in 2012. The Commission engaged in initiatives supporting the IUCN One Programme, with an emphasis on building skills and raising awareness. CEC pursued partnership activities with IUCN members, the Secretariat, other Commissions and key external partners. CEC members contributed to events such as the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Rio+20 conference and CBD COP 11. Members facilitated workshops to improve communication, education and public awareness supporting conservation and sustainability efforts worldwide. Young professionals in CEC took a leadership role in strengthening the emerging youth presence in IUCN.

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