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Mission: Make a BIG difference

Mission: Make a BIG difference
Interview with IUCN President-elect, Ashok Khosla

Thorny decisions left for the end
Most likely, it was not intentional. But the IUCN general assembly voted the most controversial resolution proposals at the very end of its 10-day-long and tiring congress, when numerous members were either exhausted or plainly absent.

Members to Khosla: Let's hit the grassroots
Now that they have voted, they want their cut. Members want newly-elected IUCN president Ashok Khosla to better involve grassroots organisations.

Money matters
If money talks, IUCN may lack a loud voice, but will still have a sufficiently strong for the time being.

Finally, geology is taken into account
Until very recently, the conservation of geo-diversity was not included among the pressing priorities of environmental policy, not even among grass-roots activists. An incomprehensible neglect, given that geology studies human kind's genealogy and climate evolution recorded in the rocks.

MYANMAR - 'Mangrove Loss Exacerbated Cyclone Devastation'
When researchers surveyed the battered coastlines of Asian countries after the December 2004 tsunami, they stumbled upon an arresting fact -- that mangroves can save lives.

Ashok Khosla: To pastures new
Imagine newly-elected IUCN president Ashok Khosla joining the World Bank chief and the European Commission president at the G8 summit.

"We don't need to sell our soul"
IUCN DG Julia Marton-Lefevre speaks to TerraViva on the burning issues of this congress.

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