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Peppermint shrimp inside a branching vase sponge

Reconnecter la science à la prise de décision politique en Europe et ailleurs

« La recherche scientifique est une base essentielle à la mise en place des politiques liées à la biodiversité.Nous devons améliorer les données relatives à la biodiversité et les disséminer au sein de la communautéscientifique, des décideurs politiques et de la société civile au niveau européen et global », a déclaré M.Gaston Franco, Député européen, lors de la réunion sur IPBES, la plateforme intergouvernementale entre lacommunauté scientifique et les décideurs politiques sur la biodiversité et les services ecosystémiques. …   | English

02 Jul 2012 | News story

Solitario George, PNG. Ecuador.

El mundo pierde al Solitario George

La Dirección del Parque Nacional Galápagos informó sobre la muerte del Solitario George en su corral, ubicado en el Centro de Crianza de Tortugas Terrestres Gigantes, en Puerto Ayora, isla Santa Cruz.

25 Jun 2012 | News story
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The Kaieture waterfall in Guyana, the world's tallest single drop water fall, proudly stands 275m high.

Water - it's irreplaceable

At the Rio Dialogues, civil society and business showed through their online votes and panelist speeches increasing leadership when it comes to water issues. And interesting enough, the right to water was not the number one recommendation passed on to the heads of States. …  

22 Jun 2012 | News story
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Rio+20: UN Conference on Sustainable Development

20 years on, civil society leads in Rio

Governments are leaving the UN’s Sustainable Development Summit (Rio +20) with a big deal but little action. Groups of civil society and business have proved they can lead the way towards a sustainable future. …  

22 Jun 2012 | News story

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Commitments coming through in Rio

As world leaders pour in to Rio de Janeiro for the UN's Sustainable Development Summit civil society, business and governments are making commitments that will make a difference, according to IUCN's Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre. …  

21 Jun 2012 | News story

Whale migration map in the Caribbean

Dutch Caribbean Whale Sanctuary this year

Before the end of 2012, the Netherlands will set up a marine mammal sanctuary for whales and dolphins in the Dutch Caribbean waters, recently announced the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. This is one of the outcomes of a meeting with the neighboring countries of the Dutch Islands in the Caribbean, the French Islands, the USA, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, about the cooperation between whale sanctuaries.  …  

21 Jun 2012 | News story
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Verónica Arias, del Centro de Derecho Ambiental, y Víctor Hugo Inchausty, Director regional (ai) de UICN-Sur.

South American States Frustrated in Rio

With just two days left there is a feeling of frustration on the part of many governments here at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in Rio. And many of those are from South America. …  

21 Jun 2012 | News story

Plant a pledge

Planta una promesa!

UICN y Airbus lanzan campaña para restaurar paisajes y bosques. …  

20 Jun 2012 | News story
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Aimé J. Nianogo

African expectations not yet met in Rio

Around 50,000 delegates from around the world are attending the UN’s biggest meeting ever in Rio. The aim of the Rio +20 Sustainability Summit is to lift billions of the world’s poorest people out of poverty without exhausting the planet’s resources. But economic woes are keeping expectations low. …  

19 Jun 2012 | News story

Dinaric Arc - Transboundary Cooperation

At the crossroads of conservation and development

Transboundary cooperation among adjacent countries epitomizes the ambition of the Rio +20 conference. As discussed during the side event organized by IUCN and the Italian Government (DGCS) at the UN Conference on sustainable development (Rio+20), it offers some early results and insights into the relevance of natural resource management for the green economy. …  

18 Jun 2012 | News story

South American regional office