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Sumatran Rhino

Sumatran rhino likely to go extinct unless action is taken urgently, warns IUCN

With fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos surviving in the wild, the species will likely become extinct unless the Indonesian Government urgently implements the Sumatran rhino recovery plan, warns IUCN on World Rhino Day. The remaining 100 Sumatran rhinos represent less than half of the population size estimated during the last IUCN Red List assessment of the species in 2008. …  

22 Sep 2015 | International news release

African elephant flapping its ears.

CITES and IUCN bolster collaboration in tackling poaching and illegal wildlife trade

Geneva, 28 August 2015 – The Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature have signed an agreement this week to strengthen the cooperation between the two organisations in minimising the illegal killing of and related illegal trade in elephants and other CITES-listed flagship species in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific region. …  

28 Aug 2015 | International news release

Doñana National Park

IUCN grants top management Green List award to iconic Doñana

Gland, Switzerland, 22 July 2015 (IUCN) – One of the most biodiverse areas in Europe – Doñana National Park and Natural Reserve – was granted IUCN’s Green List status today in recognition of the successful conservation efforts of its managers. …   | Spanish

22 Jul 2015 | International news release

Blue and John Crow Mountains, Jamaica

Jamaica’s first World Heritage listing ups the number of natural sites to 229

The Blue and John Crow Mountains has become Jamaica’s first World Heritage site today, following advice from IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, responsible for evaluating the site’s natural values. Extensions of South Africa’s Cape Floral Region Protected Areas and Viet Nam’s Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park were also approved by the World Heritage Committee, as recommended by IUCN. …  

03 Jul 2015 | International news release

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

IUCN advice to keep close watch on Great Barrier Reef fully backed

Bonn, Germany, 1 July 2015 (IUCN) – IUCN’s advice to continue close monitoring of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was adopted in full today at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting taking place in Bonn, Germany. …  

01 Jul 2015 | International news release

Cascade Tendal, Parc national de Los Katíos, Colombie

Un site Colombien en zone de conflit est retiré de la Liste du patrimoine mondial en péril, sur avis de l'UICN

Bonn (Allemagne), le 30 juin 2015 (UICN) – Le Parc national Los Katíos, en Colombie, a été retiré de la Liste du patrimoine mondial en péril aujourd’hui, lors de la réunion du Comité du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO tenue à Bonn, en Allemagne. Cette décision fait suite à une recommandation de l’Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature (UICN), l’organisation consultative sur la nature du Comité. …   | English | Spanish

30 Jun 2015 | International news release

Rennell Est, Iles Salomon

Mise en garde de l’UICN : le changement climatique et les barrages menacent le patrimoine mondial naturel

Le changement climatique et les projets de barrages à grande échelle mettent les sites du patrimoine mondial naturel en péril, avertit l’UICN (Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature), l’organisation consultative officielle pour les biens naturels du Comité du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, qui se réunira dimanche à Bonn (Allemagne). …   | English | Spanish | Dutch

25 Jun 2015 | International news release

Otarie de Guadalupe

Mise à jour de la Liste rouge de l’UICN : des succès assombris par le déclin de nombreuses espèces

Des mesures de conservation réussies ont permis d’accroître les populations du Lynx ibérique et de l’Otarie de l’île Guadalupe, tandis que le Chat doré africain, le Lion de mer de Nouvelle-Zélande et le Lion sont confrontés à des dangers de plus en plus forts qui menacent leur survie, d’après la dernière mise à jour de la Liste rouge des espèces menacées de l’UICN™. 99% des orchidées cypripèdes d’Asie tropicale, qui font partie des plantes ornementales les plus prisées de la planète, sont actuellement menacées d’extinction. …   | English | Spanish | German | Dutch

23 Jun 2015 | International news release

Purple-throated Carib

Pollinating birds and mammals declining, reveals first global assessment of trends in the status of pollinators

According to a new study by IUCN and partners, the conservation status of pollinating bird and mammal species is deteriorating, with more species moving towards extinction than away from it. …  

13 Mar 2015 | International news release

Deforestation in Western Ghana in the region of the Upper Guinean Rainforest

Human development and biodiversity conservation can go hand in hand, study finds

A development scenario involving reduced meat consumption and crop waste, as well as less energy-intensive lifestyles can help us reach global development goals while also protecting biodiversity, according to a new study. …  

12 Jan 2015 | International news release