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African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

The Duke of Cambridge and IUCN unite for wildlife

As part of his latest conservation initiative, The Duke of Cambridge brings together an unprecedented collaboration between the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and seven of the world’s most influential conservation organizations, including IUCN. …  

12 Sep 2013 | International news release

Forest & Gender Publication

Publication of Forests and Gender - available for download

Forest and Gender by IUCN in collaboration with Women’s environment and Development Organization (WEDO), USA   Edited by Lorena Aguilar, Andrea Quesada-Aguilar and Daniel D.M.P. Shaw …  

12 Sep 2013 | Downloads - publication

Couverture de la note d'information sur les politiques environnementales en Afrique de l'Ouest

Faire des politiques environnementales régionales un outil performant de gouvernance et d’intégration en Afrique de l’ouest

L’UICN-PACO publie une note d’information sur les politiques environnementales régionales d’Afrique de l’Ouest. Ce petit fascicule a été conçu pour faire connaitre ces politiques et présenter des pistes de réflexions identifiées en atelier régional, pour soutenir leur mise en œuvre. …   | English

11 Sep 2013 | News story
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Arabian Oryx

New Guidelines on conservation translocations published by IUCN

As the world’s biodiversity faces the incessant threats of habitat loss, invasive species and climate change, there is an increasing need to consider more direct conservation interventions. Humans have moved organisms between sites for their own purposes for millennia, and this has yielded benefits for human kind, but in some cases has led to disastrous impacts. In response to this complex aspect of conservation management, the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Reintroduction Specialist Group (RSG) and Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) have revised and published the IUCN ‘Guidelines for Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations’. …  

12 Aug 2013 | News story

Experiences in informal tenure reform from IUCN's Livelihoods & Landscapes Strategy

Improving access to forest resources

It is commonly claimed that forest tenure reform that provides rural people with rights to access and use of forest resources can contribute to improved forest management and poverty alleviation. But, at least with respect to poverty alleviation, there are few experiences with formal forest tenure reform that have demonstrated this to date. …  

23 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

Using economic tools at the landscape level

Rethinking economics, markets and incentives

Based on a review of the experiences gained during the course of LLS, this paper documents insights and lessons about using markets and incentives to strengthen forest landscapes and livelihoods. It aims to interrogate just what a ‘landscape approach’ means in economic terms, to identify how markets can be used to generate incentives to share forest benefits more equitably and sustainably, and to highlight which kinds of approaches and ‘packages’ of interventions can assist in this. …  

22 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

Experiences in forest landscape restoration and management

Improving ecosystem functionality and livelihood

This paper examines how interventions intended to improve functionality and productivity of forested landscapes to improve livelihoods of the poorest populations, might actually yield co-benefits in terms of biodiversity conservation. It argues in favour of a ‘landscape’ approach to achieve these co-benefits. …  

21 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

Wassa Amenfi West, Ghana

Small changes for big impacts - Wassa Amenfi West, Ghana

This paper describes LLS interventions in the Wassa Amenfi West Landscape in the western region of Ghana. The landscape extends over an area of about 120,000 ha. It is a mixed landscape with a variety of agricultural uses; the most important is cocoa farming. …  

18 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication


The IUCN Programme for Central and West Africa, PACO, seeks to recruit An Administration and Finance Assistance for the IUCN Ghana Projects Office. Expected start date: 15th July 2013.
Type of contract:
one year (renewable)
Closing date for applications:
19th June 2013.
IUCN Ghana Projects Office in Accra. All applications and detailed CVs should be sent electronically to reach Mr. Samuel Kofi Nyame at by 19th June 213.

19 Jun 2013 | Job vacancy

Performances économiques des activités d’adaptation au changement climatique dans le bassin de la Volta

Performances économiques des activités d’adaptation au changement climatique dans le bassin de la Volta

Plusieurs initiatives d’adaptation aux effets du changement climatique sont mises en œuvre en milieu rural d’Afrique. Mais, très peu d’attention a été accordée à leurs performances écologiques et économiques. …  

25 Mar 2013 | News story

Une vue aérienne d'écosystèmes d'Afrique centrale et occidentale
Programme Afrique Centrale et Occidentale (PACO)