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The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests.

IUCN welcomes ‘Forests 2011’ - International Year of Forests

The world’s forests are essential to life in all its diversity and to attaining humanity’s biggest goals such as reducing poverty, curbing climate change and achieving sustainable development. Throughout 2011 IUCN will work towards making sure that forests deliver their maximum potential for human well-being and biodiversity conservation. …   | Spanish

03 Jan 2011 | News story

UNFCCC Cancun, host county logo

Foundation for climate deal laid in Cancun - IUCN

Governments at the UN climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, managed to approve a series of tangible if modest steps that set up a 'global climate fund' to help poor nations create a mechanism to share clean technologies, protect tropical forests and help the poor adapt to impacts ranging from storms to rising sea levels, says IUCN. …   | Spanish

10 Dec 2010 | International news release

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda

Fast track funding for climate

Fast track climate funding for vulnerable mountain communities was announced today by the government of Germany. The programme, to be carried out by IUCN, UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), will assess vulnerability among communities and farmers to droughts and floods linked with rising regional temperatures and the loss of glaciers and ice. …  

10 Dec 2010 | News story

Fagaloa Bay, Upolu Island, Samoa

Small islands take the stage in Cancun

Working with six Pacific Island Governments, IUCN's Energy Programme has been implementing the project "Managing the Ecosystem and Livelihood Implications of Energy Policies in the Pacific Island States". Today in Cancun at the UN Climate Talks, the Italian government which co-finances the project brought together representatives of these six Pacific nations.   …  

09 Dec 2010 | News story

Forest, Viet Nam

Working at REDD in Vietnam

Governments in Cancun need to close a deal on REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) and reach an agreement to make it a central part of the new climate agreement. One country that is already working on making REDD a reality in the conference room and also in the field is Vietnam. …  

08 Dec 2010 | News story

UNFCCC Cancun, host county logo

Climate talks enter the end game

Climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico are hotting up with Heads of State and government ministers taking turns to lay out what they want to see come out of this key meeting.   …  

08 Dec 2010 | News story

PNN Defensores del Chaco

Il faut faire en sorte que les pauvres ne soient pas mis à l’écart de la REDD, dit l’UICN

Les gouvernements doivent accorder plus d’attention et de ressources pour faire en sorte que les populations vulnérables bénéficient d’une part équitable des avantages liés à la REDD (Réduction des émissions issues de la déforestation et de la dégradation des forêts), d’après l’UICN. …   | English | Spanish

07 Dec 2010 | International news release

Dorothée Herr, Programme Office, IUCN's Global Marine Programme

Oceans agenda

You may be able to see the Caribbean from the negotiating rooms at the UN climate change talks in Cancun, but are the oceans even on the climate change agenda? …  

07 Dec 2010 | News story

Claire Parker, Senior Climate Change Advisor

Negotiations update

With Ministers and Heads of State rolling in to Cancun since the weekend, the countdown to the closing bell at the UN’s climate change talks can clearly be heard. …  

07 Dec 2010 | News story


Countries call answered for water to be addressed in climate negotiations

Six countries from around the world called for water to be put on the climate agenda during the 16th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. …  

07 Dec 2010 | News story


Autres informations sur le changement climatique


A voracious predator, the lionfish is moving up the Atlantic coast of North America and potentially down through South America as water temperatures rise

Espèces envahissantes et changement climatique : un “duo mortel”, selon des scientifiques de haut niveau

Les espèces envahissantes et le changement climatique représentent deux menaces majeures pour le monde naturel. Leurs effets associés sont ravageurs pour l’environnement, mais ils peuvent aussi coûter aux pays 10% de leur produit intérieur brut. Dans un rapport publié cette semaine à Nagoya (Japon), des scientifiques appellent les Etats à prendre des mesures immédiates contre le « duo mortel ». …   | English | Spanish

22 Oct 2010 | International news release

St Lucia Marine Protected Area, South Africa

Natural ecosystems and protected areas – convenient solutions to the climate change crisis

World decision makers are paying inadequate attention to one of the strongest global tools in combating climate change, says a consortium of powerful international environmental organisations. …  

19 Oct 2010 | News story

Low-lying island in the Seychelles

Islands of the Western Indian Ocean - unite!

The islands of the Western Indian Ocean and coastal areas of Eastern Africa are home to 30 million people who rely on their coastal environment for food and income. But overfishing, overdevelopment, pollution, environmental degradation and climate change are seriously threatening the natural resources that fuel the region’s economic activity. A burning question is will the region’s governments and civil society work together to respond to these challenges? …  

21 Oct 2010 | News story

Gatokai Island, Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

Protéger les océans de la planète, maintenant

À l’heure actuelle, seulement un pour cent des océans du monde sont protégés, alors que la communauté internationale s’était engagée à relever ce chiffre à 10 pour cent en 2010. Pour renverser rapidement la tendance, il est impératif que nous montrions une plus grande volonté politique et changions notre gestion du capital marin si nous voulons préserver les océans de la planète pour le bien-être des générations à venir. …   | English | Spanish

19 Oct 2010 | International news release

Coral bleaching in 2010 around Mayotte in the Indian Ocean

Décoloration rapide: l’état inquiétant des récifs coralliens de l’Océan Indien

Certains scientifiques de l’UICN ont récemment pris part à une expédition nommée Tara Oceans afin d’enquêter sur le blanchiment des coraux des récifs de Mayotte, une île située au Nord-Ouest de Madagascar. L’équipe a découvert que le blanchiment des coraux sur place -dont les premières estimations remontent à Mars de cette année-, est le pire de l’Océan Indien. …   | English

15 Oct 2010 | News story

Pangani Basin, Africa

The future of water in the face of climate change

There needs to be significant investment to solve the growing water crisis that threatens water supplies and water quality for both people and nature, says IUCN. Climate change makes the search for practical solutions for water management increasingly urgent. The call for increased funding comes as more than 2500 decision makers and leaders from the global water community are meeting in Stockholm, Sweden from 5 to 11 September, for World Water Week, where the theme of this year’s conference is “Responding to Global Changes – Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement”. …  

06 Sep 2010 | International news release

Diked managed marsh, Sonoma County

Managing Wetlands for Climate Change Mitigation: Towards a greenhouse gas offset protocol for tidal wetlands

Coastal and marine ecosystems constitute an important, but often overlooked ally in the battle against climate change. Tidal salt marshes for instance make up 1-2% of the overall carbon sink in the USA, but coastal wetlands have often been drained, filled and converted to other uses, such as agriculture. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

Women at pump, Tanzania

The costly challenge of water and climate change

Financing the water sector in developing countries and the costs of adapting to climate change were under discussion during the World Water Week, which closed in Stockholm on 11 September. …  

13 Sep 2010 | News story