Le bien-être des populations partout dans le monde dépend d'écosystèmes en bonne santé, qui fournissent des biens, comme des aliments et de l'eau, et des services, comme la régulation du climat et la protection face aux risques naturels.


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  • Golden Snub Nosed Monkey, Hubei Shennongjia, China

    Three priorities for China's national park programme


    With the introduction on 26 September of its comprehensive programme, China’s national park system enters its implementation phase. This raises questions about what kind of park is being established, who will manage it and how ordinary people will benefit.

  • iucn-mpsg

    Climate change a real threat to the Top 50 Mediterranean Island Plants - UPDATE 2017


    In 2005, the Mediterranean Islands Plant Specialist Group (IUCN / SSC) published The Top 50 Mediterranean Island Plants - Wild plants at the brink of extinction and what is needed to save them. A decade later, the publication has been updated to assess...

  • Taking ROOT: the launch of a new restoration tool


    With the launch of the Restoration Opportunities Optimisation Tool (ROOT), the world has a better way of making decisions on ecosystem services, specifically in support of the people who actually rely on them. 

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