Les forêts sont d'une importance mondiale dans la régulation du climat, et d'une importance locale dans le soutien des communautés et le maintien de la biodiversité. Cependant, elles, et les gens qui en dépendent, sont soumises à une pression croissante.


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  • people with asian bamboo has in flat sand with rows of mangrove saplings

    How mangroves got their roots back in East Java – a story from MFF


    Along the coast of East Java, Indonesia, Mangroves for the Future has planted more than 74,000 mangrove saplings to support the sustainable livelihoods of coastal communities. To learn how, follow the story of Rustima, a local kiosk owner and project...

  • verdant landscape with hills, a town in the foreground and mountain in the back

    Scaling-up forest landscape restoration to stimulate large-scale results


    What does it take to scale-up restoration? Craig Beatty and Gretchen Walters of the IUCN Global Forest Programme are thinking bigger, and they offer some thoughts on what needs to be done.

  • Mangrove roots suspended above the water at low tide

    Mangroves and REDD+: A new component of MFF


    Mangrove forests are among the most productive ecosystems on earth. They provide a variety of ecological and socio-economic services benefitting millions of people living in coastal areas. Mangrove ecosystems are important nursery and feeding habitats for...

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