Post 2015 Global Water Consultations

As 2013 kicked off, the IUCN Global Water Programme is gearing up for a year which promises to be filled with great opportunities for promoting and enhancing water’s role on the international sustainable development agenda.

The World We Want 2015

As part of this process, a UN-led consultation process ‘The World We Want 2015’ is taking place. The IUCN Global Water Programme is taking a lead role in the thematic consultation on Water, and in particular for the Sub-stream 'Water for Nature and Nature for Water', taking place this week from 28 January to 1 February.

The objectives of the thematic consultations are to:
• Stimulate a wide range of global discussions on water-related priority issues with citizens, governments, civil society, academia, the private sector, and UN-agencies among others, to be reflected in the future post-2015 goals and targets;
• Analyse and share experiences from the present Millennium Development Goals on water and sanitation, and bring out evidence on progress and drawbacks from the implementation;
• Examine policy options and responses at local, national and international level and how these options might be deployed to inform the post 2015-agenda:
• Foster a shared position/vision on a future goal on water.

One of IUCN’s strengths is its extensive network of Members and partners around the world and their expertise in nature-based solutions and water management. As part of the sub-stream consultation on 'Water for Nature and Nature for Water', IUCN joins the international community in calling for contributions and involvement in the process.

We invite everyone to contribute case studies, experiences and recommendations. This is possible through the following channels:

Join the consultation process via website:

Contribute through Twitter: #waterpost2015

Follow the Facebook posts: WaterPost2015

Your inputs will be critical to ensuring that nature plays a central role in shaping the future global development agenda and a possible sustainable development goal on water. Importantly, your contributions need not be formal or officially coordinated.

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