CEC Bureau begins long-term strategic planning for CEC

CEC recently embarked on a long-term strategic planning exercise to shape the next strategic plan and beyond, reports CEC Focal Point Rod Abson.

Alberobello, a world heritage site in Southern Italy

CEC, the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication, met in Alberobello, a world heritage site in Southern Italy, to begin a long-term strategic planning exercise for CEC which will set the direction towards 2020.

The Bureau meeting consisted of members of the CEC Steering Committee and IUCN Secretariat staff, chaired by Keith Wheeler. Through lively discussion and review, the team looked at the current and future trends which relate to the mandate of CEC and how CEC can best target its efforts to have the greatest impact.

Alex Moiseev of the IUCN Programme and Policy Group presented the next draft Programme for IUCN and advised how the Commission can develope its next planning cycle to have the greatest impact during the 2013–2016 Programme.

The team looked towards the next Regional Conservation Fora, which will take place during the coming months and provides an opportunity for CEC members to connect with IUCN Members throughout the regions. The video ‘Love. Not Loss.’ is being translated into Arabic, French and Spanish to help reach out to people in each of the regions.

With a current membership of 855 people, and growing, the group looked at the distribution of members, the working methods of specialty groups and the status of new IT tools being developed centrally which will help connect up the members of the commission and wider IUCN community.

Looking ahead to the future, there were updates on CEC’s engagement with the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden this July, and with the World Environment Education Conference in Australia in July. On the long-term horizon, CEC has an important role to play in supporting the delivery of the Aichi targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity Strategic Plan to 2020. CEC members are attending National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan workshops and providing support for sessions on Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA). CEC members have also provided input to the CBD on Target 1, which relates to awareness about the values of biodiversity.

The next steps in the development of the CEC strategic plan will involve CEC members, others within the IUCN community and broader consultation. The next Steering Committee meeting will be held in Vac, Hungary, in October 2011.

For more information, contact Rod Abson, CEC Focal Point, at Rodney.ABSON@iucn.org

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