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Fish and seagrass, Menorca, Spain

Protecting the oceans makes economic sense

Protecting the oceans through marine protected areas can provide higher and more sustained income through tourism and controlled fisheries than continued exploitation. This is the result of IUCN’s new compilation of case studies about the economic benefits of marine protected areas, launched on World Biodiversity Day at the 2nd International Marine Protected Area Congress in Washington, D.C. …   | French | Spanish

22 May 2009 | International news release

Arrecife de coral / Bali, Indonesia

Manage corals - Minimize climate change

A better assesment of the threats to coral reefs along with improved management will give corals a much higher chance of survival in the face of warming oceans, says IUCN’s latest report. …   | French | Spanish

20 May 2009 | International news release

Survey of coral  growth in Weh Island,Indonesia

IUCN's Carl Lundin explains the global marine issues of today

 This week the most pressing marine environmental issues will be discussed at the  International Marine Conservation Congress in Washington, D.C. from May 19 to 24. Carl Lundin, Head of IUCN's Global Marine Programme explains in an interview about the serious threats the marine world is facing  now and how they relate to our well-being. …  

18 May 2009 | Video

Coral Reef, Bali, Indonesia

Coral triangle initiative celebrated

The first inter-state agreement in the coral triangle towards marine conservation efforts has been signed by six countries at the Coral Triangle Summit. …  

18 May 2009 | News story

Marine Protected Area, fish and coral at Nha Trang

Marine Protected Areas receive welcome boost

One of the cornerstones of improved ocean management – the establishment of networks of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the world’s oceans - received a strong endorsement from the representatives from 76 countries at the World Ocean Conference (WOC) in Manado (Indonesia) today.  

15 May 2009 | News story

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Ocean life in Oceania

Pacific Islanders have a long history of connection to the oceans. It features in their dance, art, and provides sustenance for life. …  

15 May 2009 | News story

Tuna Longliners in the Cook Islands

Longline fishermen quizzed by IUCN

IUCN Oceania’s marine programme is currently collecting information from longline fishermen about the fish they catch at seamounts, underwater mountains. …  

15 May 2009 | News story

Acropora coral.

Caring for corals

A new guide on how to assess coral reefs has been published by IUCN. Wild Talk speaks to Jerker Tamelander, of IUCN's Global Marine Programme, to find out why another assessment method was needed and why the emphasis is on coral reefs, rather than other marine ecosystems, such as seagrass beds or mangroves. Will this guide save the world's coral reefs? …  

15 May 2009 | Audio

Manta Ray

Marine congress explained

This month IUCN experts will converge on the International Marine Conservation Congress in Washington DC to help ensure that sound science is central to efforts to protect our oceans. Carl Gustaf Lundin, Head of IUCN's Global Marine Programme, explains what the congress is all about and gives the low-down on the key issues IUCN will be addressing there. …  

15 May 2009 | Audio