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Throughout 2011, IUCN’s regional offices have been busy preparing for the Congress by holding Regional Conservation Fora which debate the most critical issues facing each region and how best to address them.

These events help shape regional environmental agendas which will feed into global discussions at next year’s Congress. They act as a platform for IUCN Member organizations and partners to exchange experiences and best practice on nature conservation, and help pave the way for a sustainable future in their respective regions.

Here we learn about the challenges facing each region and how preparations are under way to make the Congress an effective catalyst for action to address them.


IUCN North Africa Members Forum

5-7 October 2011

IUCN held its North Africa Members Forum in Rabat, Morocco, 5-7 October. Visit the website.

Central America and the Caribbean

5-7 October 2011

IUCN will hold its Regional Conservation Forum  from 5 to 7 October 2011 in Santo Domingo, República Dominicana. Visit the website

Eastern and Southern Africa

20-21 September 2011

IUCN held its Regional Conservation Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa 20-21 September in Johannesburg, South Africa. Visit the website.

Asia Regional Conservation Forum

27-30 September 2011

IUCN held its Regional Conservation Forum from 27 to 30 September 2011 in Incheon, Republic of Korea.  Visit the website

Europe Regional Conservation Forum

6-9 September 2011

IUCN held its Regional Conservation Forum from 6 to 9 September 2011 in Bonn, Germany. Visit the website

South America Regional Conservation Forum

13-15 July 2011

IUCN held its Regional Conservation Forum from 5 to 7 October 2011 in Lima, Perú. Visit the website

West and Central Africa Regional Conservation Forum

5-8 July 2011

IUCN held its Regional Conservation Forum  from 5 to 8 September 2011 in Brazzaville, Congo. Visit the website

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