July 2012
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Greening the Congress

The Government of the Republic of Korea, Jeju Province and IUCN are working together to make the World Conservation Congress 6-15 September a sustainable event.

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Greening the IUCN World Conservation Congress - Baobab

World Leaders Dialogues

The World Leaders Dialogues are thought-provoking debates designed to inspire more people to care for nature. Each day of the Forum, a panel of five to six internationally renowned figures will join to discuss publicly the most pressing issues of conservation today.

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2012 World Conservation Congress logo

World Heritage and extractive industries

A recently released independent report undertakes a critical evaluation of current World Heritage processes and practices in relation to extractive industries and World Heritage Sites (WHS), with recommendations for action by various stakeholders including state parties, the private sector, the World Heritage Committee.

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WHS & extractives

What do you think limits the scaling-up of sustainable practice in business?

Why is sustainable practice the exception and not the rule? What do you think the barriers and solutions are? Share your views on this important topic by participating in our short survey and help inform a key workshop seeking solutions on this topic at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

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FFI survey

Working to meet the conservation and resource challenge

How do we meet the challenge of preserving the world's outstanding and sensitive biodiversity whilst meeting the resource demands of a growing global population?

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Working to meet the conservation and resource

Supporting ecotourism in East Asia

IUCN and Kuoni organised another training workshop on “Integrating business skills into ecotourism operations” successfully, this time in Lao PDR with participants and experts from the region.

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Ecotourism workshop

Creating greener vacations

Holidays on tropical beaches and protecting nature often don’t go together. But in reality, hotels and resorts have a multitude of environmentally-friendly options that appeal to tourists and also promote conservation. IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) has developed a set of five principles for biodiversity conservation in the planning of hotels and resorts.

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El Nido Resorts - Philippines

IUCN-Holcim Panel visits Romania

The Biodiversity Advisory Panel visited Holcim sites in Romania both to learn about implementation of the Biodiversity Management System in a country setting and to further their knowledge regarding a monitoring and indicator system for Holcim.

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IUCN-Holcim Panel visits Romania

Helping business get serious about biodiversity

IUCN and the UN Global Compact are helping to boost private sector efforts in conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services – the benefits we get from nature.

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Business unusual

Gerard Bos

Gerard Bos We pose three questions to Gerard Bos as he begins his new position as head of IUCN’s Global Business and Biodiversity Programme, on his plans for the Programme and business participation at IUCN’s World Conservation Congress.
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IUCN and Airbus supporting world’s largest forest land restoration initiative

IUCN and Airbus supporting Ahead of the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June, campaign ambassador Bianca Jagger, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Airbus launched today “Plant a Pledge” – an online campaign to mobilise public support for the largest restoration initiative in history.
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IUCN joins Holcim for quarry restoration in Lebanon

IUCN joins Holcim for quarry restoration in Lebanon IUCN ROWA and Holcim Lebanon have signed an agreement to restore an old quarry in Lebanon and provide a model for the restoration of abandoned quarries in the country.
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Integrating business skills into ecotourism operations

This publication is designed to help conservation organizations, community- based organizations and protected area managers plan and run effective ecotourism businesses.
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Building and operating biodiversity-friendly hotels

These publications deal with the need to integrate biodiversity considerations in planning and operational decisions for hotels and resorts.
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6 – 13 July

The 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP11),
Bucharest, Romania


26 – 30 August

4th International Disaster and Risk Conference,
Davos, Switzerland


6 – 15 September

The IUCN World Conservation Congress,
Jeju, Republic of Korea


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